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  1. Hammond Eggz

    NO LONGER NEEDED Chrome tubular (BMX style) fork with bearings, hardware, etc.

    For 26" vintage Schwinn frame Klunker project. Anybody have one complete with all the goodies?
  2. Hammond Eggz

    Springer fork for Klunker?

    I don't think I've ever seen a klunker build using a springer. Is there a reason for that, or is it just not "traditional"? Seems like a springer would give a way better off-road ride. I have an original Schwinn piece that seems pretty heavy-duty - way more solid than the newer...
  3. Hammond Eggz

    Comfortable (even custom?) banana seat?

    Anyone know of a banana seat that is wide enough and padded enough to actually be comfortable for an adult? I'm thinking maybe like a wider pan (sort of like on my '71 Manta Ray) and thicker foam - maybe even someone who custom builds them? I'd love to ride some of my 20" and 24" muscle bikes...
  4. Hammond Eggz

    Re-imagined Relic

    Well, I bought this Electra Deluxe Relic new, and had kept it relatively stock (very rare for me!) for several years. In fact, it's hardly even been ridden in all the time I've had it, collecting dust in the storage room. I suddenly got the itch to do something different with it recently, and...
  5. Hammond Eggz

    '66 Schwinn update

    I haven't posted in a while, so I thought I'd toss up a pic of the '66 Typhoon I messed around with the other day. Gave it a little splash of colour. Very comfy beach cruiser!
  6. Hammond Eggz

    '69 Schwinn Panther Rat

    Took my favourite old two-tone Frankenstein bike, stripped off the fenders, rack, seat, handlebars, etc. and slapped on the black wheels, tires and seat from my new Electra Cruiser, and added some apes, and ta-daaaa...a very fun riding ratty beach cruiser!
  7. Hammond Eggz

    Electra Ticino

    Not really my kind of bike, but saw this and just had to have it. It's kind of more of a rolling art piece than a serious bike in my head, I guess, but I'm diggin' it anyway. All I've done is added a Brooks saddle to match the grips (which is so much more comfortable than the crappy stock...
  8. Hammond Eggz


    Well, have finally had time to do a little putzing around with my Beast. Did the usual extensive de-stickering first, and decided that this should be a fat bike in every sense: fat tires, wheels, bars, seat, etc. So...added a set of Electra mini-apes with thick old-school-beach-cruiser foam...
  9. Hammond Eggz

    Felt Hot Wheels 68 price!

    :shock: ... 19db4b03d0 I always thought these were pretty cool, but.... :roll:
  10. Hammond Eggz

    This picture is worth a thousand...

    ...POSTS! Ha! Who would have ever thought I'd be entering 1,000 posts on any forum, let alone a bike forum!? (Yeah, I know, it was a long time coming, compared to some of you hot-air types! :mrgreen: ) But seriously, I just wanted to take this milestone occasion to thank all my fellow...
  11. Hammond Eggz

    A Dream Realized! (Sears Screamer)

    OK, the title may be a bit dramatic, but I've been wanting one of these for years. I got a brand-new sparkly Screamer in the fall of 1970 (as a reward for good grades, ahem), and have been kicking myself for getting rid of it almost since the day I sold it. Unfortunately, most that I've come...
  12. Hammond Eggz

    Bike on the "Whitney" show

    Weird question I know, but on the new "Whitney" TV show on NBC, there's a bike that sits just inside their front door in every episode. By the style, I'm guessing it's a fixie, but not positive of that, as I haven't gotten that good a look at it. Anyone know what it is, or anything about it? TIA!
  13. Hammond Eggz

    Used bike price data base?

    I know I've used an online site for finding both the original prices and (I think) recent used prices of all kinds of bikes, but searches aren't finding me what I'm looking for. Do any of you guys know of one? Thanks -
  14. Hammond Eggz

    Black Tie-phoon Roadster

    Well, we're down to the wire now, and I'm actually finished with my first entry into a Build-Off! (The low-down on the details of the build can be found here: viewtopic.php?f=55&t=39737) As usual, I'm blown away (and intimidated) by the talent and fabricating skills here, but this was a blast...
  15. Hammond Eggz

    Black Tie-phoon

    Well, I've sat on the sidelines through several RRBOs, blown away by the creativity and talent, and have finally decided to give it a go myself...even though my tastes usually follow more to "custom" than "ratty". :mrgreen: For now, I'll leave you with this teaser of where it's all beginning:
  16. Hammond Eggz


    I just love this DelMar. I can't believe something this cheap can be this much fun. It's like those "customizable" car models from my childhood: "Build It 8 Different Ways!" I'd already done 5 completely different "builds" (customizes?) on this thing when this idea came to me the other...
  17. Hammond Eggz

    Latest DelMar variation: "Fatbobber"

    This came out way cooler than I expected - removed the stock fenders, rack, seat and bars, mounted red Weinmann rims with black spokes and 3-spd. Nexus, 26 x 3 :shock: Kenda Flames, black Electra Super Deluxe seat, flipped Electra Amsterdam bars, bent seat post, and a whole truckload of...
  18. Hammond Eggz

    Relic upgrades

    (2010 Electra Relic) I swore I'd leave this one alone when I bought it, but I just can't seem to help myself! :mrgreen: Before-ish (with the cool old leather saddle bag already added): Now (with black Electra cruiser seat, bent mini-apes, and bow pedals, old black Schwinn chubby grips...
  19. Hammond Eggz

    It was a very good Christmas! (EDIT!)

    Amongst various other fun goodies, Santa left this under the tree for me this year: The brand new 2011 model Electra Super Deluxe in two-tone Root Beer Metallic and Cream - I think I'm in love! :D The paint is amazing, and even the wheels are painted a light gold metallic that matches...
  20. Hammond Eggz

    Schwinn Panther - back to stock!

    Well, mostly stock anyway! This is my favourite old bike, and it has the miles on it to prove it. I've been running it stripped down without fenders or rack, with creme Fat Franks, and lovin' it. I don't know if it's my new Relic or what, but I've been getting back into the "full fender" look...