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  1. JaxRhapsody

    Next and Kent LaJollas

    I haven't seen too many of them, I always liked them because I thought they looked like a modern cantilever frame, and they are pretty light. This one was my stepdads, that died last year, my favorite color. He got it to replace the Schwinn Santa Fe II. I'm going to throw as much red on this as...
  2. JaxRhapsody

    Walmart Klunkers

    It looks like, at least in Canada that Walmart is selling new klunkers. This guy always does cheap bike challenges with walmart bikes and I'm pretty impressed. I'd definatly want one in black or red.
  3. JaxRhapsody

    What can any of you tell me about a Huffy Koza?

    I picked up this bike to build for my girlfriend and at first it looked like your average 90s walmart bike; ashtabula crank, heavy steel frame, sidepulls, but on further inspection once in the apartment, it has things I don't often see on those old bikes; a 3/7 drivetrain, trigger shifters, and...
  4. JaxRhapsody

    Where do yall get thos triple tree forks?

    With what happened with my project; I need one to replace the suspension one I had.
  5. JaxRhapsody

    Cruisers with bull/persuit bars

    I'm thinking about putting a set I have on my Drifter¹ to go with the 700c wheelset. It's the only bike I have that will fit the bars. Since I got tge wrong size by accident. Show me the money!!!
  6. JaxRhapsody

    Frame types?

    I don't know if it's been discussed before, or if I've asked before, and I haven't seen many mentioned in general conversations, but... I know cantilevered frames, like Cranbrooks, Earth Cruisers, Santa Fes. Which are my favorite. But is there a name for the frame style such as my Drifter¹, or...
  7. JaxRhapsody

    The Black Bike... or Ninja Bike

    I came across this late model Huffy cruiser and decided to try and throw it together. Ironically it replaced my torquois Cranbrook I gave to a friend, to shrink my collection down another bike. A nice black frame and my only complaint is it has a built in rear rack, which I though about cutting...
  8. JaxRhapsody

    Basic rat rod build finished

    I wish I had took more pictures, but it was a Huffy Cranbrook I had for a few years and couldn't figure out what to do with it; low rider, klunker, ???. I ran bmx wheels on it for a few days after I got it, it sat for whild before I converted it to freewheel and put some fliped bars on it. Long...
  9. JaxRhapsody

    Basic Build: Bare metal dog

    I kinda already started it...well stripping the paint anyway. Got this awesome aircraft stripping spray for my DB Drifter1, I have some parts for it..or had as I found out my ex was stealing things from me, two things being the set of 700c anodized aluminum deep v's, and kenda kwest tires, so...
  10. JaxRhapsody

    DB Drifters

    Anybody on here besides me own a Diamondback Drifter 1, Would like to see some.
  11. JaxRhapsody

    Schwinn Stingray...

    Not the good wholesome overpriced tiny beach cruisers, the... choppers(hurk!). What have any of yall down with them. I found one minus the front wheel. I have one or two ideas, just wanna see what has been done to them. Also will the fork just swap on any full size 1-1/8 bike head tube, my...
  12. JaxRhapsody

    Can this be fixed?

    I just picked up a Schwinn Collegiate with a Sturmey Archer 3 speed, it seems as though second gear is gone, I wanted to put this wheel on my rat rod project. Is there a way it can be fixed, or should I just ditch the bike?
  13. JaxRhapsody

    Coaster to freewheel?

    Is there a way to take a coaster brake wheel and remove the inner pads, etc, making it a freewheel?
  14. JaxRhapsody

    help with future headlight

    last year I found one of those solar powered yard lanterns. I took it apart and noticed it had used AA batteries. I planned on using it for a headlight. Now for the advice: I forgot how I was going to wire it. I think I'll need a three way switch. the solar panel and light sensor needs to...
  15. JaxRhapsody

    The Something!

    I just got a 2012 Drifter 1 cruiser that is going to be some kinda bike. It's sorta my first build as a member here, it isn't much but I'm hoping I can get it all done. I'm aiming for rat rod, cafe racer, dirt track/board track, klunker amalgation of parts that hopefully in the end turn in to...
  16. JaxRhapsody

    how would i make a dual chain bike?

    I tried turned up zip. I want to build a beach cruiser with a chain on both sides.
  17. JaxRhapsody

    I just got a bike to rat rod.

    Last time i was here i think I was talking about a ratrod speedster using an 80s or 70s beach cruiser. But today was a wonderful day; i just came across a schwinn henderson. This one is a keeper. Hopefully i an finish it before the beatersville car show. Ill post pictures of it asap.
  18. JaxRhapsody

    Can you drill more spoke holes in a deep V?

    I have a set I want to keep but the rear one needs to have more spokes. THe spokes are arranged in seven groups of four. I was thinking adding about 28 or so more spokes because the wheel isn't really that strong as it is, nor put up with hard city riding.
  19. JaxRhapsody

    Anybody have a velospace?

    Mine ofcourse is Jax Rhapsody
  20. JaxRhapsody

    would a shimano nexus make a good mid-drive?

    I want to use one on my trike so it can go faster. Think tbe 8 speed will hold up to the weight and torque?