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  1. sandman

    Haro Shift

    Anybody know anything about these ?
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    Cargo Bike
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    Most of you have heard of the famous Rollfast Hoppy of the 50's ? But how did the kids play Cowboy and Indian's with no Indian . So my plan is to take this 1936 Rollfast and build a MB playmate to match .
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  5. sandman

    It sure is quit around here ?

    Bike build off hangover .
  6. sandman

    20 inch drop stand

    ISO a drop stand for a 20 inch kids bike ?
  7. sandman

    After Victory

    I kind of boxed myself in this year . Selecting a G519 replica doesn't leave you much room to be creative , but I'm glad I can add this to my collection . Once again , I'm blown away at cool creations this year . Thanks for keeping Covid blues at bay . Build Thread ...
  8. sandman

    Old 20 inch

    Picked up this old 20 inch anticipating the next muscle BO ? Still trying to ID the frame and seat . The nana seat has a spring frame and the rear US Royal tire is still in very good shape . The closet frame I found to compare was a 38 CWC . ( Roadmaster ) but the bike was advertised as a Shelby ?
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    What camera's or gadgets are you using for best results for bike pics . I think the next tool I'm going to invest in is some type of bridge camera , my cell phone just ain't cutting it anymore . Just wondering if any one is benefiting from tripods , light stands or other photography gadgets ...
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    Wittkop Seat

    Picked up this German made seat ,it's built like their tanks . Not sure year or what it may of come off of . Maybe our Euro friends have more info ?
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    Back Burner

    Show us your bikes that you put to the side burner , waiting on parts , money , time or love . I have a few that I will share later . 1950 Monark Firestone 1932 Columbia Moterbike Miss America 1962 Corvette 1950 Goodyear
  12. sandman

    Biggie Size Mine

    This little guy just looks fast sitting still . :ninja: It's a Mobo Tote made across the pond .
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    How about a little Corn ?
  14. sandman

    Need a new pet ?
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    Drone Bike

    I need another Drone
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    Schwinn Tandem

    Just seen this yesterday .
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    Went to my bike peddler to pick up a few nuts and bolts for my build off bike , this was only one nobody wanted . My friend must be getting rich with all the junk he is selling , so I talked him down to $ 20 only if he included Araya wheels with the 3S hubs . It also came with some nice...
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    The Year of the rat

    Stumbled across this ebay store this morning .
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    This is another one that has been on C.L . for awhile now . Trying to ID it ? My guess is either Triumph or BSA ? It's listed a lot sale with some other antique's .
  20. sandman

    Thief in the night

    Had another bike stolen out of the garage last night . Second one in three years . Found the last one in pieces at the crack heads next door . There is only 12 houses on my dead end street ? Specialized Expedition