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  1. deven_science

    Shaft Drive Klunker

    I've had this 80s shaft drive bike hanging in the rafters for a handful of years, doing nothing with it. Buying an RV trailer means that my wife and I need some bikes that can do some trails or light off-roading. So... rather than buy another one, I built this into a klunker. This isn't really a...
  2. deven_science

    32" Motorbike

    Here she is in all her bare metal glory. The 32" Motorbike. I took a picture of a 1940s Schwinn motorbike, blew it up, and built this around a 32" wheel set. The frame, tank, chain guard, rear rack, drop stand, and truss rods were all built from scratch. The bars, fenders, and forks were...
  3. deven_science

    Decent Skiptooth Chain of Any Length

    I'm looking for some skiptooth chain to replace a section on my daily ride that has had several breaks. It's a stretch, so ideally I'd get a couple of chains, but I'll start with however much. Ebay is full right now of people that think skiptooth is gold. I mean, I know it's not made anymore...
  4. deven_science

    BO15 32" Motorbike

    I will be building a bike from scratch that's inspired by a '40s Schwinn Motorbike. At least, I think it's 40s, I'm not an expert. It doesn't really matter anyway, and it will not be an exact replica. So, if I'm shooting for 1940s, why is 32 in the name? Because I am blowing it up to scale for a...
  5. deven_science

    Reworking an Oldie

    It's time to grow up. The first iteration featured a lawn chair arm as the down tube, and the best paint job spray paint and impatience could get me. Then, it was reborn with a western theme, including an actual saddle as a seat. Well, I thought it was time to be an adult frame, and so, I...
  6. deven_science

    Studebaker Pedal Car

    I can't believe I haven't posted this build on here? My presence on this site ha really dropped, but I guess I hadn't noticed how much. So, I bought a ratty, junked 1959 Studebaker Lark, with the intention of using its parts to make an adult sized pedal car. Here's the car as I purchased it for...
  7. deven_science

    Workman Heavy Duty Wheel Set w/3 Speed

    As the title says, I'm looking for a Worksman heavy duty wheel set, preferably with a 3 speed Nexus.
  8. deven_science

    Hardley Davison

    I've had an idea for a bike that looks like a 1930s Harley for a few years, and I've slowly been collecting parts for the build. It has evolved over the years, as originally, I was going to even include a faux-motor on it, made out of actual V-twin cylinders that I have since decided would just...
  9. deven_science

    Balloon Donkey Bike

    I'm making a new Donkey bike. I'm going to try to make this one look like it was made in the 40s. Basically a balloon tire version of a velocino. I started by cutting up a Schwinn World step through frame, and modifying a blade fork to fit this headtube and 12" wheel. The fork was actually a...
  10. deven_science


    This build will be a new very simple, comfortable ride for me. 3 speed, quality parts, simple design. It'll be a smooth ride, hence, the Glider. Here's the sketch: I'm hoping to bang out the frame this Memorial Day weekend. It's the only opportunity to do some serious building. Here's day one:
  11. deven_science

    The Seymour Strider

    So, I entered into the Build Off, posted one update, and then never posted again. With that in mind, I won't even bother to link to the old thread. Besides, I'm certain you wouldn't see anything, as they were Photobucket linked pics, may they rot in Hades. I'm building a custom strider bike...
  12. deven_science

    Nishiki Competition

    I was given this Nishiki Competition 10 speed for free from my Father-in-law. A neighbor that knows road bikes better than me thinks that it's a rare or custom factory build, and possibly worth much, maybe even as much as $1,000. I don't know about all that. I plan on hanging onto it for a...
  13. deven_science

    The Seymour Strider

    I'm making a custom strider bike for my grandson's 2nd birthday, which comes this November. I was going to make this anyway, so why not enter it? Also, sometimes in the rules of build offs it says something like "must be pedal powered," but since I don't see that, I figure it's good to go! I...
  14. deven_science

    Western Scraper, Continued

    Here is the thread from the build off: I plan on continuing to work on this bike, and thought I should make a thread to document it. First problem, the seat was continuing to push on the fender. The problem was flex...
  15. deven_science

    Western Scraper

    Well, I'm not going to be able to work on it more, so I'm calling it done, for now. I will do more, but it's all cosmetic. It rides, it works, and it's mean. This is the Western Scraper, a true burrito bike. Enjoy.
  16. deven_science


    Look, I've purchased a lot of parts on this site, and 90% of the time, it's great. But I just want to put a moratorium on something I see in the "for sale" section, relating to lights. Can we all just finally admit, once and for all, that "untested" means that it doesn't work? I'm not...
  17. deven_science

    Western Scraper

    I've had this Western Flyer repop for a while. I believe these were done in the 80s. It's not really worth much (I traded a wheel set for it), but it's cool, and looks old, making it a good option to dice up. I'm planning on cutting it up, and slamming it down to the ground. It'll no longer be a...
  18. deven_science

    Alchemist Airflow

    I've been collecting parts for some time for a special project. I am going to be building the Alchemist Custom Bicycles version of the Shelby Airflo, one of my all time favorite bikes. It will not be an exact copy, but inspired by one. It'll have 6-8" of stretch, but otherwise look like a...
  19. deven_science

    This weird "reserved" trend

    Can we please agree to do away with the "reserved" spaces on your threads? When I click on your thread, it opens up to the last comment I saw when I last looked at your build, so I'm never going to remember to go back and look at what you added. Never. This goes for "for sale" threads, as well...
  20. deven_science

    Rat Rod Wagon

    I've been working on some non-bike stuff, and while I won't post everything on this site, I thought I'd go ahead and post one of the items I'm proud of. I have this old Radio Flyer that I was thinking of giving the lowered/car look to. You've seen what I mean. Wagon, slammed to the ground, front...