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  1. CCR

    Green Stingray Fork / Chaingaurd

    Looking for a green chaingaurd and 20" fork to get a project rolling again. Original paint with wear and tear preferred.
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    Dug up the derby car today

    This was my soap box derby car from around 25 years ago. It's been at a friend of the family's house for a long while, let their boys use it once me and my brother got too big for it. Got it back today though :cool:
  3. CCR

    Paperboy - 90 Years Old

    Thought I would share this story. Never knew Marvin Teel myself, but sure sounds like a man of integrity from the article.
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    Onda Cycle (Caster Trike)

    Saw the video for these today, looks like fun ! Already hit the kickstarter goal last month so you might see them around soon. Has rear casters that lock and unlock to slide the rear around.
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    Worksman's new offering

    They had this posted on their FB page today
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    Flat Tire trick to get you home

    Hadn't thought of that before, nice trick if you dont want to walk. There was 1 word in there I dont want my kid to hear so mute it if you need to.
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    Mark Ronson & The Business Music Video

    The song is kind of growing on me, video is pretty cool though.
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    Cool Video

    not entirely bike but I thought it was a pretty neat use of a GoPro :)
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    Crazy or Creative ?

    I pulled a dry rotted tire off a 20" wheel, could never get more than 1 tire lever in there at a time, ended up snipping the wire bead so i could pull the tire off. I found someone took a 26" tube full of slime, tied off the excess length of tube that over lapped the wheel, right next to the...
  11. CCR

    Everything old is new again

    Saw this and just thought I would share. Frame alone costs more than a new worksman and pretty close to what a decent Cycle truck would cost ... no basket and you have to find your own stand. Can't deny the coolness of its looks and has modern bike perks. Still rather own a worksman / schwinn /...
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    What toys did you have as a kid ?

    The recent King Zor post just made me wonder what kind of toys everyone had as kid (or wanted). I don't have anything left from childhood, all went to rummage sales / handed down / donated or trashed. Just thought it would be cool to see what everyone remembers the most. One of my favorites as...
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    Join the club

    Mickey Mouse club :lol: From Huffy ... @ $600 each ... nicest looking huffy's in a long while though
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    13th Annual Midwest Old School BMX Show/Swap

    Saw this on BMX Museum, show is in Indiana a little ways out from the Chicago area. and on Facebook ... r&source=1 Plan on making it myself and thought I would share 8)
  15. CCR

    New Electras

    Just saw Electra updated the site. Couple new ones to me 8)
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    Mystery 2 Speed Hub

    A while back my lbs was telling me about an old hub that had some kind of manual switch on the hub to switch gears, not a kickback, but said there was something you pushed or flipped on the hub to change the gearing. I have no idea what they were talking about and honestly they didnt remember...
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    LOW MILES TOO :mrgreen:
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    Seems there are lots of threads asking if (insert random bike for sale) is worth getting. So let's start a thread for giggles on the stuff you've seen for sale and passed on. Here's a Shapleigh JET, 26" girls tank bike with a springer and Dana 2 speed. Oddball springer fork / frame stopper...
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    Looks cool, bet the price is shocking though :mrgreen:
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    Found a place to sit