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  1. LeMad Hatter

    Full Monty Rides Again

    Here is the 60's-ish Huffy that i saved from the landfill on a lark. I didn't have any real plans to build it into anything special until almost August. Then it was a mad scramble to get it done in time for the build off. But it rides and I'm happy with it for now.
  2. LeMad Hatter

    BO15 Monty-the full Monty

    I decided to save an abused Huffy frame from a trip to the scrap yard earlier this year and it's been great so far, bent wheels and all. But like any bike i own, it gets kind of boring after a while. Plus my lanky frame doesn't fit onto a regular bike very well. So i decided to do something...
  3. LeMad Hatter


    Here's some pics of my Rat Stretched Huffy ElDorado. It's a bolt on stretch modification I started late last year and just perfected today. Super stable, pretty easy to do and gives the bike a killer stance. Was just barely able to get the chain to clear the seat stays without bending the...
  4. LeMad Hatter

    BO15 Firestone Super Cruiser 2.0

    Hello, and welcome back to another episode of "What the heck is this guy doing anyways?" On today's show, we're starting off slow and laying out some of the bear necessities of this year's build. Starting with an unknown year Firestone Super Cruiser, we're going to cut, slash, shave, mangle, and...
  5. LeMad Hatter

    Master link

    Here's the donor bike, together for the last time. The plan is to mate the 16" girls Stingray fork to some meaty 26x2.5" whitewalls, with some #120 chain thrown into the blender at some point, strung around 90s huffy mtb running gear. Wish me luck!
  6. LeMad Hatter

    On the down low

    Here's my starting bike. An unknown year, Austrian made JC Higgins bike. The plan is to convert it from a coaster hub to a 3 speed, replace the busted pedals and generally make it a better cruiser. Starting on it later tonight by breaking it down to service the bearings and unstick the seat post