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  1. billy bob customs

    Looking for a schwinn 24" phantom style chain guard

    Looking for a 24" schwinn phantom style chain guard. Thank you
  2. billy bob customs

    Billy Bobber beastie cruiser

    It's been a couple years since I've built a bicycle. The last was for the build off a few years ago. I would love to do another build off but spring and summertime are just too busy for me to do so. I sold my last build to my brother. He just had to have it. I've slowly gathered parts here and...
  3. billy bob customs

    so many great builds!

    I apsolutely love looking through everyone's build thread. Early in and there are so many cool builds and ideas. Unfortunately with my work schedule I probably won't be entering the build off this year. I have a lot of ideas that I will save for next time. I will however enjoy watching everyone...
  4. billy bob customs

    Billy Bobber " Phantom X "

    Here is my entry into the photo contest. Took this picture on top of Table Rock in Boise, ID this past July. This is the bike I built for build off 10. Thought I'd include a picture of the head badge just for entertainment purposes. I had these made up before selling my business and moving to...
  5. billy bob customs

    BILLY BOBBER "Phantom X"

    Went up to the top of Table Rock in Boise, ID and took a few pictures. It was a little windy. This photo made my wife really nervous. She kept saying " what if your bike blows over? " hahaha . Guess it was more important. Got a few more photos while up there . The wind did finally blow the...
  6. billy bob customs

    Billy Bob's " Phantom X " ( finished, off to take final photos )

    I decided this to enter this build off. A little late I know but I'm always buying bike parts, starting a build and get bored or it sits on the back butner and gets sold or parted out. Maybe if I enter this build I'll finish one. I came across a schwinn cantilever frame bike for sale local...
  7. billy bob customs

    new guy from the northwest

    I've been a member on here for a couple years mostly looking and reading. I've found this site useful and have enjoyed reading the forums. A lot of really cool bikes on here. Thought I would introduce myself and start joining in some discussions. My name is Chris and I lived on the coast of...