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  1. BDC

    Brisbane's Wynnum-Manly Foreshore

    A lunchtime cruise on the STR around the foreshore near my place in Brisbane. Beautiful spring day - 27c/80f. iPhone pics on an Osmo 4 Mobile Gimbal:
  2. BDC

    Wear a helmet. Seriously.

    I had a major face plant on my fat bike yesterday. I hit something slippery crossing on to a path, possibly radiator coolant, and before I could react I was kissing the pavement. Hard. Lost some skin, got some cuts and bruises - but nothing serious. That's only because I was wearing a good...
  3. BDC

    New pedals on Str8 - and a camera lens.

    I got some funky new pedals from for the Str8. I've been getting ready for show and shine in November and it's getting pretty close to done. I'm down to the small detail stuff now.
  4. BDC

    Returning the helmet.

    I ordered a Large. They sent a Small. Oh well - off to the Post Office to return it. Beautiful Spring Day in Brisbane so we hooked up the rig and had a fine time of it. My Pal was keen for a sniff (and two poops). Job done.
  5. BDC

    24" or 29" Front Wheel?

    24" or 29" front wheel on the Str8- what do ya reckon looks best? Got a new disc brake hub for the 24". It only takes 60 seconds to change 'em with the hex skewers. I like the 29" - but there isn't enough rake on the Electra frame to get the chopper sort-of look I was hoping for with the bigger...
  6. BDC

    Fat So?

    The idea is it's a Beach Cruiser that I can ride to, from and on the beach.
  7. BDC

    Tonight's S8 tinkering.

    Made some frame protectors from an old motorcycle fork gaiter - which required relocating the headlight - and I messed with the livery. Wheeled it out onto the driveway and grabbed my camera. Still got a few jobs to do on it - but the 29" front has come together nicely. It's the Monster Low...
  8. BDC

    This category should be expanded to include 29ers too?

    Over the last few years a lot of brands have released 29" BMX Cruisers. SE Racing, Mongoose, GT, Cult, Sunday High, Haro, Gary Turner, Throne, Framed, Hutch and more - all have 29ers now. Most groups lump 24", 26" and 29" BMX Cruisers together.
  9. BDC

    Semi Integrated headset question.

    I want to upgrade the headset on the S8 now that I have the new forks and wheel sorted: And go from caged to sealed bearings - so I bought this set. It has a split/compression crown race. Would you put a spacer underneath it - between the bottom triple tree and race?
  10. BDC

    Current fleet shotz.

    The STR 29" BMX Fully upgraded from the top components shelf.
  11. BDC

    Afternoon Cruise on the Electr8

    Typical winter afternoon here in Brisbane, sunny and around 22c/72f. Just right for a pedal with my pal. There's a nice shared pathway around the parks that run through the neighbourhood. I put the trailer on to take some pics of the new bars I installed on it yesterday. It had apes - but I...
  12. BDC

    New bars on Fatso

    I had some 10" BMX bars on it until this evening. I actually bought the apes for another build, but then I held them up to the Fatty to see ... and a few hours and a trip to the bike shop to get some longer cables later and ... Had a good skid around the park just now and I like it. I think...
  13. BDC

    Freshen up whitewalls?

    The Thick Brick Whitewalls on my Electra are more like off-whitewalls after a few years on the bike - they have yellowed somewhat. I've done the usual google searches and the best I could come up with was 'try bleach'. Doesn't sound like a great idea on a tyre - does it? Anybody got a better...
  14. BDC

    The next stage for the Electra Straight 8

    Under way. Here's where it's at currently. Nothing much has changed for a few years now. Just service and a few repairs. But here's the new bits now on order. The Forks are 810mm legs from Classic Cycle in Germany so they will take the longest to get to Brisbane. But they are on DHL now. I...
  15. BDC

    Reid Boss and the Dawg

    Out for our Daily Run on the Fatty with m'pal. Custom Reid Boss: And my Pal. We both dig a run through the Jungle. The expanding water bowl is for him. We do about 5km most days then I do a lap on my own,
  16. BDC

    New Graphix on the STR

    I thought Home Laser printer + clear transparency sticker film = a more 'race replica' look. Also added some Knog mini blinder lights that match the look of the bike better.
  17. BDC

    STR-29 Latest adds.

    I think I've finished the toe scraper. (For now) Wiggle UK had Chris King Headsets at 45% off and that was the last piece I 'needed'. What this is about is an old guy building the type of bike he would have liked in his youth but had neither the coin nor the wherewithal to do it forty-something...
  18. BDC


    It's starting to come together. It started as a Reid Boss and so far it's been upgraded with: 10" BMX Bars, BMX Stem, Triple Tree forks, sealed bearing headset, Tektro brake calipers, MTB seat post, Brooks C19, all new braided cables with Teflon inners, grips, MTB pedals, race plate, lighting...
  19. BDC

    My 'back yard'.

    Nice Holiday Monday ride today:
  20. BDC

    My current setups

    I just repurposed my veteran Kona (yet again) - stripped it right back and now it's in 'Motard Mode'. With the Hookworms on it's quite fast and sick fun. The STR-29 keeps on being 'refined'. There is some serious Profile and Bullseye money in this build. I broke the frame on my first fat...