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  1. Gold Street Customs


    If you hear a thunderous voice from the Heavens saying "vote for Sunday Best "... I'd go with it...just saying..
  2. Gold Street Customs


    I think reaction was very positive I was just afraid of the kids possibly knocking it over, but it was a fun build and my drumsticks fit in the tank..bonus!!
  3. Gold Street Customs


    Not to be nit picky, but the name was misspelled on my entrant, should be Sunday Best, instead of Sunday's best , either way love yall...
  4. Gold Street Customs


    I will go all scientific, I really can't decide, so I will try to pic a top ten and sift from there, fantastic builds this year.
  5. Gold Street Customs

    What's in a name ? (Swoope DeVille )

    need a closeup of how you mounted the headlight on the first bike.
  6. Gold Street Customs

    SB-II , Calling It DONE..

    Well this is strange been a year since I used the old laptop, but I wanted to dig up the old photobucket pic from when I first got the bike and its the only way I could do it.
  7. Gold Street Customs

    Olds Cool

    Nice patina, what year Suzuki are you working on, I have a 73 Kawasaki triple 250 on the back burner.
  8. Gold Street Customs

    Tumblin Down....

    This should be cool, can't wait!!!
  9. Gold Street Customs

    spaceliner? and 1941 hawthorne

  10. Gold Street Customs

    1986 Mongoose ATB

    Still haven't had time to work on this one yet.
  11. Gold Street Customs

    DELINQUENT ,Gotta fly from here on 8/2

    Ya they are the Huffy muscle bike bars came original to the bike.
  12. Gold Street Customs

    Zebra mountain bike and cool MX bars

    Oops! I can't figure out delete on my phone, so a duplicate is created, sorry[emoji35]
  13. Gold Street Customs

    Latest change up 56 Phantom rat

    This is when it first got it
  14. Gold Street Customs

    Rat Bike Rodeo

    Here is a few more,, My swap spot
  15. Gold Street Customs

    (MBBO Class 1) The Ginch: Final Pics

    The caddy tailight is perfect, great build!!!!
  16. Gold Street Customs

    rummage sale elgin

    Nice and complete
  17. Gold Street Customs

    VOTE HERE!!!

    Yes it is a sickness, I already have some ideas for next year. Hard to believe ...ten years...Wow!!!
  18. Gold Street Customs

    VOTE HERE!!!

    With the anything goes rules, I challenged myself with a torch and brazing, first time messing with it, but I achieved altering a frame for the first time, and cutting out the axle extensions with a wood saw was hilarious ,but it worked, all in all ,my mind has been racing for next year (man I'm...
  19. Gold Street Customs

    Official RRB Build Off 9 Finished Bike List

    Thank you Outskirtscustoms for all your hard work,if it wasn't for you,Steve would be...gray and wrinkly:banana:
  20. Gold Street Customs


    I still need to ride it at night and adjust the headlights but I need to breath for a moment.