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  1. nomad-dyno

    24x3 Felt Tires

    Wanted to buy, two new 24x3 Felt tires in black.
  2. nomad-dyno

    SOLD Lepper Primus Mens Saddle, Natural, Phat Cycles NOS. 135.00

    Would you take $125 for your seat, to include shipping to my P.O. Box at zip code 32762?
  3. nomad-dyno

    1981 Schwinn King Sting 5 speed 26 inch bmx beach cruiser.

    Nice King Sting! I want to add one to my collection some day. I have a 1982 Schwinn Sidewinder with some of the same parts as the King.
  4. nomad-dyno

    early 1980s looptail 26" BMX Jamis Boss Sand Jam Cruiser chromoly

    I'm curious. What is the seat tube length?
  5. nomad-dyno

    I have a comic book collection from the 1991 timeframe with Spiderman, X-Men, and Valiant series...

    I have a comic book collection from the 1991 timeframe with Spiderman, X-Men, and Valiant series of Solar, Magnum Robot Fighter, and some miscellaneous Marvel and DC comics. Would you be interested in a trade deal? About 95% of the comics are near mint, in acid-free bags and boards. I'm...
  6. nomad-dyno

    Need help with a recent find... Its a 30s Aerocycle

    Wow! Beautiful bike!
  7. nomad-dyno

    prewar schwinn tandem

    Nice tandem! You could use a more modern 60's -70's Schwinn tandem fork until you find the correct year fork, if the size is correct. The 60's-70's tandems have a 6-3/4" fork steering tube with threads about 1-1/2 down from the top. I have three Schwinn tandems, a 66, 67, and 79.
  8. nomad-dyno

    Honeymoon and bike finds=score!

    If you want to sell one of those yellow Schwinns, please let me know.
  9. nomad-dyno

    1977 Schwinn Scrambler

    Nice Scrambler!
  10. nomad-dyno

    1977 Schwinn Scrambler

    I'm looking for a Schwinn Scrambler S-2 rear wheel with 36 heavy duty (12 gauge) spokes, if you have one or know of someone who does. There is a rusty one for sale on ebay right now, but I want a rim or wheel with nice chrome and minimal surface rust on the inside of the rim. I would prefer to...
  11. nomad-dyno

    Bed full of Sprockets

    When you are ready to sell the sprockets, I'm interested in the five spoke sprocket in the 3rd row down, one the far left side. I would like to see a close up of both sides to determine the condition. Thank you.
  12. nomad-dyno

    Goodyear Grasshopper Slick - Tire size size help

    The Manta Ray wheel is 24", so this tire will not fit. Ebay has S-7 Schwinn wheels listed frequently.
  13. nomad-dyno


    Very nice!
  14. nomad-dyno

    The Low Tracker is Finished!

    I like the handbuilt look and that cool front fork.
  15. nomad-dyno

    1961 Schwinn American

    Beautiful paint job on a classic Schwinn. What paint did you use?
  16. nomad-dyno

    1918 Harley Davis-son - Mar 16 Not HD Frame, but a Davis National

    What a great project! I found a Harley Bicycle restoration article at this link: God luck with the restoration.
  17. nomad-dyno

    1917 Iver Johnson

    I really like your Iver Johnson bike. What is the stand over height? It looks suited for a tall rider. I would like to find an old Iver Johnson (suspension bridge) frame like that.
  18. nomad-dyno

    Just a RANT about Necks / Headsets

    There is a product called Evapo-rust, for sale at AutoZone and Harbor Freight. This product disolves rust without harming the metal. You have to be creative and devise a method of soaking the parts for a day, without losing the liquid by leaking out of the neck/fork tube. I have used a glass...
  19. nomad-dyno

    Hello from the sunshine state

    Here is my Schwinn American with two-speed red band Bendix rear hub. The man I purchased this bike from said it was a display bike at his father-in-law's Schwinn shop for many years. The condition of the bike backs up his claim. The chrome is like new, the paint is slightly sun-faded, consistant...