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  1. ifitsfreeitsforme

    Phantom Menace (aka, the Layoff Special II)

    I'm testing a theory. The theory is if I start a thread here in the B.O., I might actually fix up the bmx bike I bought last night.
  2. ifitsfreeitsforme

    Maybe I should join bmx bo

    I bought this tonight. I wanted something to ride around driveway with the kids. I like these long frames. Anyone know what year it is? MV001410 is stamped in the bb shell. I had no luck researching it. I’m guessing early 90s? The rear FEMCO rim is bent. So much that I can’t true it. Might...
  3. ifitsfreeitsforme

    Thompson Classic black ball end grips production snag

    Hi everybody, For those seeking black ball end grips, I'm currently out of inventory because my injection molder decided without warning to stop molding for me. Apparently he's taking his business in a new direction, and that leaves no tolerance for small short run jobs like mine (thanks!)...
  4. ifitsfreeitsforme

    The Lay-off Special

    I said if I got laid off, I’d enter the build-off. It’s been five years since I’ve entered. The company I worked at let me and 50 others go due to dried up sales due to Covid. So here is my less-than-creative entry. It’s a Husky heavy duty frame with a Vista fork, Felt rear wheel etc (see...
  5. ifitsfreeitsforme

    BO15 The Layoff Special

    Welp, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, if I got laid off I’d probably enter build off. So here it goes. I bought this Husky industrial frame here ten-ish years ago. The Felt 24x3 and Thick Brick, same story. The 26x1-3/8 front wheel is from a parted out Royce Union three speed. NOS SR stem, NOS...
  6. ifitsfreeitsforme

    Thompson Classic Bicycle Components - grips and seats

    Hey all - My original for sale thread was deleted in the server melt down a couple weeks ago, so I just want to pop in and say I'll be rebuilding it in time. Meanwhile, if you're in need of coke bottle grips, ball end grips (a Thompson exclusive) or leather seats (brown and black), PM me, or...
  7. ifitsfreeitsforme

    Small leather bags 6x8x2-1/2 SOLD SOLD

    Small rough leather bags in natural color - good for a rat build. Never used. Aged from shelf storage. SOLD SOLD SOLD $7.20 shipping (priority envelope) plus $10 purchase price (for the pair). PayPal, cash, MO, gold bullion, clams, and cabbage accepted. Message me here if you want them...
  8. ifitsfreeitsforme

    Coke bottle grips for sale $8 shipped

    Message me here if interested. I'll combine ship too and offer any pair of Thompson grips for $10 if you buy this. Thanks for considering. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. ifitsfreeitsforme

    Sissy bar $20 shipped SOLD

    Condition and size as can be seen in pictures. Came off a late 70s Huffy. SOLD Cash, MO, PayPal - whatever works for you. Also have these old cushion grips in decent condition for $6 shipped: SOLD Cool aluminum (drillium) chain guard. Condition as shown. Perfect for a...
  10. ifitsfreeitsforme

    Unique rear fender ornament. SOLD SOLD SOLD

    Someone could do an entire BO bike around just this cool "reflector". Quotation marks are cuz I'm not sure it reflects. Nor is it a light. But there is room for LEDs for sure if a crafty person desires. $12 shipped. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. ifitsfreeitsforme

    Posting pics via tapatalk

    Can we not upload photos via tapatalk anymore? I deleted one from my f/s thread and replaced it, but the replacement is not showing. Steve or any moderator if you read this, it's the sixth photo below the description of ball end grips that's not displaying (for me anyway). Red ball ends...
  12. ifitsfreeitsforme

    Nora's rat wagon

    A neighbor gave me this wagon last fall. It came from a nursery. It has pneumatic tires. I like the jacked up rusty look. I cut the seat with seatbelt out of a kiddy sled and bolted it in, added some wood rails, extended the handle and wa-la, Nora's first rat wagon. I took her for a ride...
  13. ifitsfreeitsforme

    James Rizzi's bike

    I was contacted on eBay recently to send a pair of my ball end grips that I manufacture to Germany. I respectfully declined at first because it's expensive and time consuming. Well, the person begged me a second time, and told me it's for the deceased pop artist, James Rizzi's JC Higgins that is...
  14. ifitsfreeitsforme

    Nora James

    In this corner, weighing 7 lb 6 oz, measuring 20" long, born Wednesday August 5 at 6:19 AM..... Ittttttt's ..... NORA JAMES!! Please welcome my daughter, my first, to the RRB family. [emoji173]️[emoji173]️[emoji173]️[emoji64][emoji173]️[emoji173]️[emoji173]️ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. ifitsfreeitsforme

    Ride the TDF on a Chopper for charity?

    Did you guys see this? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. ifitsfreeitsforme

    Show me your...Thompson grips or seats

    Hi All, I'm having a website built for my Thompson Classic Bicycle Components business. I'd like to include a Gallery. So if you'd like your bike included, please post pictures here showing my ball end or cola bottle grips and/or leather seats. Thank you. Ian Sent from my iPhone using...
  17. ifitsfreeitsforme

    Berkshire and the Lincoln Continental

    IMG_3404 by ijt64, on Flickr
  18. ifitsfreeitsforme

    __-~^^~-__ BERKSHIRE __-~^^~-__

    Well, once again, my very humble submission. Berkshire. This is a 20s Westfield-built Berkshire-badged camelback. The bike was built 40 miles from here in the nearly defunct Westfield (Columbia) factory, and sold in New York City. It features it's original patina, saved as best as I could...
  19. ifitsfreeitsforme

    NOS Enwell generator light

    My wife's gram passed away recently and I've been helping clean out the house (a beautiful craftsman era home). I found this gem in the basement. It works. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. ifitsfreeitsforme

    My BO8 bike

    My MIL won first place at her camera club contest with this photo she took last year of my Western Flyer. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk