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  1. Verrt


    I need to shim up from 22.2 to 24.5. I know there's pre made shims, but what are some common tricks for this size? This isn't for the stem, it's for attaching a switch made for 1" motorbike bars.
  2. Verrt

    Happy New Year RRB

    Happy new year Rat Rod Bikers! May 2021 be a safe, happy, and prosperous year for you all. As always RRB has been a small, but comforting and needed escape from the stress, isolation, complications, and general bullhonkery of life in the world. But I've never needed or appreciated it more than...
  3. Verrt

    AU$16,000 Bianchi Bargain?

    NOS 1985 Bianchi Centenario AU$16,000 More pics
  4. Verrt

    Knife buildoff challenge

    In: @OddJob @ifitsfreeitsforme @Swampthing @hamppea @SSG @Oak Tree @Short Stuff @barnbikes @GuitarlCarl @Captain Awesome @Falstaff @us56456712 @Verrt ================================= Not a bike build challenge, but I was inspired by @OddJob's model kit bash, and I feel it's kinda on theme...
  5. Verrt

    Show me your... knife draw

    What's your kitchen knife collection look like? I only have four nice knives, the set of three Globals were a first year anniversary present from Mrs. Verrtinski, they're awsome, still great, despite a lifetime of abuse and very little sharpening. The Mundial chef's knife is good too, but I...
  6. Verrt

    Submission to request add an extra emoji to the react button.

    Dear @Rat Rod, I'm writing to you to request that the sunglasses emoji (fig. 1) be added to the possible reactions under the like button. :cool: Fig. 1 Currently available is like, love, laugh, sad, angry. I feel "that's cool!" is an important, yet missing, reaction in our tool kit...
  7. Verrt

    Splinter removal

    I got a splinter on the end of my index finger so deep that I can't even see it. Can't figure out how to get the little dastard out. Let's hear your home remedies for splinter removal. And to keep it on topic, here's a picture of a bicycle from Google images
  8. Verrt

    The race to a million by 2022!

    Only 75,000 more and RRB hits a million messages! Can we do it in 2021? We should have a party.
  9. Verrt

    You know you have a problem with bicycles when...

    You're in your kitchen and think... That would make a nice shifter Hmm, headlight housing? I dunno what I could use this for, but it seems like it should go on a bike :39: What regular items have you got around your house that you always think you could turn into bicycle parts?
  10. Verrt

    Bicycles with motorcycle headlights

    Doing some research for my own build. Post pics of your bikes that have motorcycle headlights on them. Extra info like what size headlight, fork spacing, battery, wiring challenges, battery life, how bright, etc. would be grand.
  11. Verrt

    What pic on google images first sucked you in to RRB?

    For me it was this one. I can't remember who built it or find the thread. But at the time the only 'custom' bikes I was vaguely aware of was low riders and maybe muscle bikes from old tv shows, but I didn't even know they had a name. I was looking into putting apes on my mountain bike because...
  12. Verrt

    Improving the Aldi bike stand

    I got this stand from Aldi about four years ago, and I've seen that others here have them too. It's pretty good considering that I paid beans for it, but not without its quirks. Recently the clamp that holds the main arm and controls rotating the bike forward or back (relative to the bike...
  13. Verrt

    "Modular" tire.

    Um... wut? Ok, discuss.
  14. Verrt

    BMX build off inspiration pics. Post yours too.

    BMX from the 80s & 90s owned by my cousins. Fist two pics taken back in the day, last one taken this year of a survivor.
  15. Verrt

    Wood frame bicycle

    This is cool. Never seen one before. Found it on the bike wall. 1896 apparently. Someone on RRB should buy it and build it out so I can watch :bigsmile: Listing here
  16. Verrt

    PayPal Cash?

    Has anyone set up a PayPal Cash account? What's the deal with it? Only found out because now PayPal wants my SSN before it hands over my money.
  17. Verrt

    Cantilever mini-velo

    Anyone made a mini-velo out of a vintage or not so vintage cantilever frame (or other cool non diamond frame)? Classic mini-velo for reference
  18. Verrt

    Have you ever used...

    NuVinci N330 or N360 internal geared hub? Good, bad, average? How do that compare to Sturmey and Shimanos?
  19. Verrt

    Full grip twist shifter

    A twist grip shifter but the full grip rotates, kinda like the throttle on a motorbike. Has anyone made, seen, or used one? Pros? Cons? Looking for thoughts on the concept rather than the exact one pictured here.
  20. Verrt

    Suggest a frame

    I have a set of 26x3 kenda flames sitting around, taking up space, and looking cool. But nothing I own can fit these monsters. What's cool frame, not to pricey, to look out for that will take these tires?