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  1. KJV

    MURRAY Pedal Car

    1967 - 1974 Murray
  2. KJV


    1934 CWC ROADMASTER.. Built to ride ... With minimal parts; to eliminate weight. Wanted to keep using the original rear kickstand. Therefore , the rear fender remains. aluminum Shimano coaster brake wheelset... Straight chrome BMX Fork.. The Bars were made in 1978, to go on a mini bike that we...
  3. KJV

    BO15 RATtMASTER. : final photo in Finished thread

    1930s CWC....ROADMASTER... The rat hole: I will be climbing into this year
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  5. KJV


    Started & finished in first week of build off . Thread was accidently deleted. Some will remember. I am sure . Start today ; as it's been sense finished .
  6. KJV

    Harley-Davidson mountain bike

    My friend brought me this mountain bike..
  7. KJV

    Montgomery Ward Badged

    Has a lot of features of a Columbia.. Bought it , for the frame ... Future build.
  8. KJV

    DEAD END KID. OJ AWARD recipient

    bicycle was: Totally built ,, out of parts that were just laying around.. The ideal was to, paint a solid bike..... To appear: total Rusty.
  9. KJV

    Western Flyers

    Noticed: alot of us , using..Western Flyers .this year.:cool:
  10. KJV

    Huffy wildfire

  11. KJV

    Murray MX frame.

    This is how it looked when I got it on Friday...minus the ram horn bars. yesterday: I transformed it back into more of MX style.
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  13. KJV


    1954 MURRAY 20" frame. This bicycle was built from parts : that were just laying around . Including the 1977 Corvette Flame Red , lacquer paint that was used to paint the frame. Vinyl graphics was provided by @cjperry81 . Starting point...
  14. KJV

    Murray Missile

    24" 1965 Murray Missile. Start: All original to begining ; Simply added: 1960s Murray Survival parts..handlebars, sissy bar, banana seat.used flat plates: to extend,, post mount position..:D Snagged grips, off Hot Rod Trike.:grin...
  15. KJV

    Boondox Cruzer

    Kenda Krusher tires.
  16. KJV

    Murray Missile ( Class 2 )

    24" Cruiser . I remember correctly this one is a 1963. Will look at numbers to confirm. I have had this setting in the Murray storage area, for several years. Now, it's time to fix it so: I can ride it.:grin:
  17. KJV

    MAD MURRAY (class 2): FINISHED

    1954 20" frame. I rescued this frame,, along with several 26in frames from the scrap about 15 year ago ; I decided to pull it down off the wall... & build something out of it. So, I will scrounge through all of my parts and we'll see what happens : So without further ado here we go on what ...
  18. KJV


    Hot Rod Trike
  19. KJV

    RRBBO13 H.R.T. UPDATE,, new seating arrangement;

    Well, I am going to attempt a build, this year.; had this part of 3wheeler, sitting around for long time. Going to build out of,, parts in my stash. So: here we go, the build of..... H.R.T. (Hot Rod Trike) ; UPDATE: new seat.
  20. KJV

    Circus Clown