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  1. biggraham

    A quick one for "The Wee Man"

    Building a gift for a kiddo very dear to me, he's 6, so this'll be his first big bike! Following along w my frameless bike photo series, here's a start:
  2. biggraham

    Swing Low

    My other build is almost finished, and as an old video with my daughter and I riding my two swing bikes( Reflections of a faded swinger build) before I punted one just came up in my FB memories..
  3. biggraham

    Basement Beauty

    As I just traded my last two muscle bike builds, and the old insomnia was kicking in, so this arrived:
  4. biggraham

    Schwinn 5 speed Stingray/Scrambler

    Aftermarket front fork . $100 pick up only. Thanks for looking! Bike is in Boulder Creek, Ca95006.
  5. biggraham

    Schwinn some'

    As my other build "Roll your own" is pretty much finished, I thought it may be fun to build another. This frame is pretty wide, originally a 5 speed, so my choices are limited to a couple of wheelsets I own. My initial idea was to use some Monark forks on this, but these 26" chrome ones were...
  6. biggraham

    Roll your own

    Hey everybody! I may build a few in this MBBO, but I realise I don't have a current daily, and I fondly remember the ladies 24" spyder. So I bought this: This Rollfast is on it's way to me (currently outside Sac')
  7. biggraham

    A little Hollywood action for the weekend?

    Hello everyone! Even tho my yard is littered with old build offs, thought it'd be fun to build this little ladies' Hollywood. As always, it'll be built on a low budget, mostly using what's around! Here's my start:
  8. biggraham

    Thunder Road and bike frame: Reduced prices and inventory

    Thunder Road I built, selling for the cost of the build, $200, plus shipping, and paypal fees from 95018 Schwinn stingray style frame, (Pending a potential late buil-of entry) nice metaflake paint job, (etc) pretty wide between dropouts, thus I realised before I got all gorilla on it, that...
  9. biggraham


    Here's my Thunder Road, sort of an accidental build as I wasn't in love the loaf seat on my Brat Attitude, and the mags needed a home! Started with this:
  10. biggraham

    Brat Attitude!

    Here's the semi-protest build I made, hope you folks like it! From this unloved old frame:
  11. biggraham

    Thunderstruck!(Class 1)

    Hello everyone! Whilst building my class 2 build: Brat attitude, I realized I'd been thinking of an old Huffy Thunder Road, where's it's original loaf seat had come from. Some quick eBay shopping and I found a later frame for a good deal! It reminds me of a Schwinn Camelback or Speedster, but...
  12. biggraham

    Brat Attitude!

    Hey folks, as my other build is pretty much done, I figured I'd build a 20" muscle bike. In the depths of my shed, I've an old Bratz bike which should suffice for a frame. Kind of a protest build, as, let's be frank, no way in heck a cheapo stingray copy frame may compete against a frame built...
  13. biggraham

    Hidden Treasure: Class 2

    How's it going? I've been laying off the forum builds, but as this MBBO started on my Birthday, figured it was a sign to get involved. I bought this Electra aluminium frame at the flea for $8, notice the frame where the seat post goes is knackered! I managed to get a seat clamp tight on there...
  14. biggraham

    Vintage Huffy Galaxy parts:Now with Photos!

    Tank with mounting bracket, fenders, chainguard, fork and luggage rack from an early ladies Huffy Tank $75 Fenders $50 Rack $25 Fork $25 Chainguard $25 Realistic offers accepted for the lot, Pick up or you pay the shipping from Felton, Ca95018
  15. biggraham

    RRBBO13 The Return of Rusty Venture!

    After a much-needed break from build-offs and bike building in general, I coincidentally found this old frame at a vdub show only a day or two after finding out The Venture Bros' will return for a long-awaited 7th season!
  16. biggraham

    Sears Spyder

    I just picked this up, the seller apologized for it having a 26" front, looks stock to me, fender and wheels all match, any thoughts?
  17. biggraham

    No Muscle Bike Build Off mention on the home page...

    Hey, I can't help feeling we'd have many more entries in the current muscle bike build off if it was highlighted/featured on the home page, it'd really encourage folks to enter , your thoughts please?
  18. biggraham

    Rusty Venture (Class 1)

    Hi everybody, I've been sitting on a rusty frame for a whole, it'll be an adventure to resurrect this bike! As I'm a huge fan of The Venture Bros cartoon, name seemed an easy fit! "That's not a Rusty Venture..."
  19. biggraham

    Silver Lining

    Hello fellow builders! I've owned this downtrodden Tandem for a while, but as my godson and daughter both forbade me messing with it, it's been lurking.. (no camera, so here's a pic of a newer version, imagine this w 10 years plus hard living..)
  20. biggraham

    Fee Tines a Mady!