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  1. baldwooky

    Huffy "Dark" Vortex

    Ok so. Don't want to jump the gun since I'm actually leaving to go pick this one up today. But, this was alot kids grail bike in 1988. Its missing a whole lot but when you've amassed a good parts bin..
  2. baldwooky

    Dark Muscle

    Heres my starting point. Picked this up a few weeks ago. The paintjob wasn't the best.
  3. baldwooky

    BO15 Back from the Abyss, I present; The Icarus

    So my only build off bike i managed to finish, Chunkpunk, I didn't get to where I'd like. I was forced to make a mask this year, so now I need a bike to match. So another steampunk inspired build incoming! I've had this frame sitting around for about 8 years since I bought it. Never rode or...
  4. baldwooky

    Summer fun

  5. baldwooky

    World's fastest bike Pretty much destroys a Ferrari LOL.
  6. baldwooky

    Repops Monarch springers, quality ?

    Looking at getting a repops 1 1/8 threadless monarch springer to upgrade a plain unicrown fork on a Dyno Ultra Glide. It appears a triple tree or schwinn style won't work with a tank, leaves me with a beehive or similiar I'd have to convert via headset or these which should be a direct fit...
  7. baldwooky

    Is this a monarch? Looks like the chainwheel off one. Any other info here would be cool.
  8. baldwooky

    Replacement crank clearance on chainguard

    Was planning on swapping my cranks from the Coaster to the Ultra Glide and picking up a 3 piece profile set for the Coaster, which I took the chainguard off, so theres no interference issues on that, however I was out on a ride over the weekend, and one of the pedals got banged and managed to...
  9. baldwooky

    Twas a good week o' scores!

    Hi, my name is Steve, and Im a bike addict. Whenever I see something cool for a descent price on CL, I have to buy it. Here's what I found this week: 83 Schwinn Predator Pit bike 1 of 300 Huffy METALOID aka the weirdest looking bike EVER - Don't see these ever, so when one comes up for sale...
  10. baldwooky

    CyberKlunk: Twin Halo

    Last year was my first build off. I build a lot of bikes every year, but nothing like this; which was my vision of a Steampunk/Mad Max bike. Even though I was cramped for time, I did manage to get that bike about 75%...
  11. baldwooky

    Need more info. Potential BOX entries

    So, I stumbled onto 2 older bikes I got for a descent deal. I want to build one of the 2 frames up in the upcoming build off, but would like some more info about what exactly these are. The first one: Obviously spray bombed, no badges or stampings I can find... bought this one from a...
  12. baldwooky

    What the ? Lancer of japan?

    Ok so. Spotted the on the local bike pedaler's anonymous listings(craigs) Immediately saw the shape and 3 speed with suicide shifter. Figured it to be an english racer of some kind with a sturmey archer. Called the guy, who said he thought it was a raliegh lancer. My google skills came up with...
  13. baldwooky

    Prewar? Western Flyer - Need more info?

    Ok, got a very sweet score off Craigslist over the weekend. Looks to be 100% complete original and rideable Western Flyer. With original paint, and a very awesome patina finish. Looks and feels somewhat oily, I'm thinking someone already rubbed it down with some form of oil to preserve it ? I...
  14. baldwooky


    Alrighty, I made it! Mad dash to the finish this last week, but I'm finally content where I stand. I had no idea what I was getting myself into with this project, and it changed a lot over the course of the build off. I really tried to do a lot of stuff I've never seen anyone try to do on a...
  15. baldwooky

    "Chunkpunk" Doneski!

    Alright well, its time to unveil my plans here for build. I've spent lots and lots of hours researching and designing for this project. This is as much an art project for me, as it is a bike. I have 2 concerns with this project, the first is that I have enough time to complete it within the...
  16. baldwooky

    My first Rat project part 1 of 2

    Had drove by one of my neighbors houses and saw them pitching some older bikes. When I stopped and took a look, we started chatting, and he said hold on, if you like vintage bikes, I got something for you. Goes to the garage, and comes back with 2 matching serial # folding bikes from the 60s or...
  17. baldwooky

    Any Cleveland/Akron area bike clubs?

    Just curious if there are any out there? I know a few guys in the BMX and MTB circles, but looking for just general lovers of bikes. Prefer no facebook stuff, and the less spandex the better. I try not to consort with those types. If theres not, is there any interest in getting a monthly group...
  18. baldwooky

    Question about towing a trailer with a fat bike in sand.

    So, I just ordered another Dolomite last night for the misses. We have a trip planned in June for Myrtle Beach, and that was the main reason I bought a 2nd one. Plan on riding along the beach there fairly extensively to check out everything. Right now, I have a 2 seat kids trailer that has...
  19. baldwooky

    Adding a tank to a plain round tube bike

    Heya, so I got a project, technically 2, identical bike frames I'm in the process of building up. The bikes in question are just plain old round tube bikes that did not have tanks on them. I would like to add tanks to them to give them that "rat rod" motorcycle type look, but I cannot find any...
  20. baldwooky

    Vintage Chrome to restore or not and other noob questions.

    So hey everyone. New to the site here. I grew up in the BMX era, and I've been a mountain biker for the past 5 years. I've recently been collecting bikes and have just been exposed to the world of tank cruisers, However I'm unsure how or what I should do with 2 of them. In my collection now I...