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  1. Jude Ephesus

    I’m still around

    Hey guys, I hope this finds you all well. I just wanted to reach out and touch base; I haven’t been online much the past few months. as I currently live in Syracuse, I moved from Florida about 10 years ago. As the housing market was a disaster when we left, we kept the house and rented it...
  2. Jude Ephesus

    Jude’s January journey- 7 bikes

    meh; for $50 a bike, what the hey. I’ll be busy this spring
  3. Jude Ephesus

    Yella’ Ross

    So, not really a build, but a spiffy in a jiffy. I scored this super clean old Ross Eurotour5 for a $10 spot a month or so ago. it had a flat and dry rotted rear tire, but other than that, it looks pretty good. I really like colored tires, so after 2 mis-orders (due to awkward ISO size 26”...
  4. Jude Ephesus

    CL curb alert!

    $0.00 the Raleigh is fully functional. Needs a good wash, scrub and lube. Front brake cable was seized. I got it loosened up.... need to get it moving a fuzz better. the road master needs a lot of help. Will probably just keep the wheels and tubes, strip some parts and chuck the frame.
  5. Jude Ephesus

    Syracuse Classic Bikes impromptu 11/8 ride

    Gorgeous day: sent out an APB and got in a quick ride! Phenomenal day here in upstate NY.
  6. Jude Ephesus

    Syracuse Classic Bikes 10/31 ride

  7. Jude Ephesus

    1961 Rollfast Flying Tiger Bike

    Hey guys, Thanks for letting me crash the party with a bike I started back in early September. The plan from the start was a 26” “muscle bike-ish” cruiser. I’ve been wanting a 26” banana seat bike for sometime, scored a cool tank bike cheap and am now getting around to the build. The bike...
  8. Jude Ephesus

    GT Nomad

    Meh; $25 Couldn’t say no. My wife has a Raleigh hybrid with a broken suspension seat post; this will fix it!!!! I’m going to try to put the 700c wheels on my Schwinn Collegiate. Maybe the handlebars too if I can get them to fit. Will try to sell the frame, fork and components to recoup my $25.
  9. Jude Ephesus

    Vintage Peugeot Road Bike

    So, not really a build, although I did build this bike about 15 years ago. Long story short, I scored the bike at a garage sale, tore it to pieces, repainted it, hopped it up and rode the thing across the state of Florida in a professionally sanctioned bike race. I dug it out of my basement...
  10. Jude Ephesus

    I guess it was something to do

    Scored these two pigeons $30 for the pair
  11. Jude Ephesus

    1961 Rollfast

    So, I don’t have a 26” ape hanger, banana seat bike. This is it. For kicks, I’m Going to do a funky military/flying tiger tribute bike out of it. I think the enormous tank will lend itself nicely to the jaws and eyes. We’ll see! Here’s the beginning
  12. Jude Ephesus

    Grammaw Patina Bike

    Not exactly what I envisioned, but close - and done!!! Ironically, due to a tight schedule, the photo shoot took place only a few feet from where I pulled the bike out of the trash about a year ago..... Had a ball with everyone on here; thanks so much for all your support and input!!!
  13. Jude Ephesus

    Old English racer: need help ID!

    So, a friend of the family gave me this bike. Needs some help! His dad was the original owner. Any ID help would be greatly appreciated!!!
  14. Jude Ephesus

    @us56456712 31 day ride challenge bike

    So, as if I needed another build, I definitely want to do @us56456712 ‘s 31 day challenge. Preferably starting August 1st!!!! As it would be easy to do a quickie tune up on my vintage Peugeot road bike or Raleigh technium, that would be too easy!!! How about a mix of these!??? Of course, the...
  15. Jude Ephesus

    CL hybrid - Schwinn something

    So, 3 daughters and a wife and they all want to ride together. As I have PLENTY of bikes, and think all my bikes are super cool and super useful, very few of them are mommy or daughter approved! I Picked up this pigeon off Craigslist for $75. Ridden twice. Got the owners manual and a bunch...
  16. Jude Ephesus

    Sears WorkMate 200

    So, I’ve used and abused this thing for years. Unfortunately, the jaws / table top were made of particle board and veneer. I leave this thing out regularly and Mother Nature has caught up with her. I tried to buy replacement pieces, but the wood jaws for the Workmate 200 were supposedly...
  17. Jude Ephesus

    Huffy Women’s Bike

    So, my 10th grade daughter’s ex-boyfriend’s mom knows I’m a bike nut. (They/we’re all still good friends!) She’s cute! She picked this out of her neighbors trash and held it for me! Lol!!! The rear brake cable was seized, fixed that. -just needs some fussing with the cables, some tires and...
  18. Jude Ephesus

    ‘67 Stingray, I guess

    So, I can’t get rid of this thing. Can’t trade it, can’t sell it..... I’m not to the point of giving it away!!!!! But close!!! Here’s the start: I bought this dorky frame, jacked up fork and a nice size box FILLED with Schwinn and Wald muscle bike parts. -Extremely cheap compared to the...
  19. Jude Ephesus

    Old seat- cool, but broke! Help!

    Any ideas on how to fix this? I was thinking maybe the metal banding used for plumbing hanging? I’ll take all the advice I can get!!!
  20. Jude Ephesus

    Syracuse Classic Bikes 7/25 AM ride

    So, the good news is, we planned and had a great ride this morning!!! We cruised about 8 miles and stopped for coffee n snacks at the midpoint. The bad news is, we were supposed to hook up with “the 585 riders”, a Rochester based classic bike club, but they didn’t show up!!! :20: Maybe next...