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  1. ChiknCoop

    1966 Liberty Bicycles Cyclone

    ok, been slowly putting this one together for a few months. 1966 Liberty Bicycles of Chicago Cycle Supply Company Cyclone model. Still have to rub and polish the original paint out. Trying to identify the fenders, the front bolt up through the bottom of the fork, and the rear looks like it has...
  2. ChiknCoop

    restoring metal flake seat cover

    So I have a Messinger metal flake seat that has a lot of discoloration from probably being in the sun, I've washed it heavily with dawn and water, simple green, treated it with 303 protectant as well. since the vinyl was formed over the seat and can't be removed, I've already cleaned all the...
  3. ChiknCoop

    Liberty Cyclone Sissy Bar and Seat

    WANTED: Looking for a Sissy bar and seat for a Liberty Cyclone. They're a really odd duck. Made by Chicago cycle works for Liberty bicycles used on the cyclone model. Here's a pic of what they look like. Lemme know.
  4. ChiknCoop

    1970 Schwinn Krate parts wanted

    Looking to buy the following: complete Krate springer forks and front fenders for a 1970 Krate 20" S2 Rim
  5. ChiknCoop

    I said I wasn't going to do it, and well I did.

    I said to myself I wasn't going to do it, but I did and have caught the bug. It's all you people's fault. Especially @Krash lol. I ended up with this. October 1970 Schwinn Apple Krate. I believe it's a coaster model. Since I'm just moving along slowly with the Dragster, and am waiting for the...
  6. ChiknCoop

    Liberty Cycles Cyclone muscle bike Serial ID help needed

    So yeah, I wasn't going to buy anything until I finished the Dragster but umm, I ended up with an original Liberty Cycles out of Chicago Girls Cyclone muscle bike. I'm trying to figure out what year it was made. Also can anyone tell me if these frames were made by Chicago Schwinn or Murray...
  7. ChiknCoop

    First time ever building a bike, completely new to the whole thing, advice and help welcome. Huffy Dragster

    So yeah, just like the title says, first time ever. Gonna build a bike. Bow chica bow bow... I guess I'm what they call a noob to the vintage bike scene though. So i'll tell you how I ended up here. My brother and I were at an estate sale, looking for some blacksmith tooling, machinist tooling...
  8. ChiknCoop

    1965-66 Huffy Dragster parts wanted

    I'm looking for the following items for a 65-66 Huffy Dragster single speed bike, 20" frame. Front forks with hole for front brakes (i believe these are the correct type for the bike) Huffy Headset fenders and struts NOS seat, white with silver trim pedals Head badge tires I have a seat, but...
  9. ChiknCoop

    So I kinda stumbled across some stuff, and then one thing led to another and well...

    Yeah, so anyways I was at an estate sale, picking up a bunch of other stuff, and my brother who's into the vintage BMX stuff ran across a pile of bikes in this barn, we ended up with about ten bikes of which I kept two things, a 1920 waltman whip push scooter I'm restoring, and a Huffy Dragster...