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  1. Phranq

    Bicycle trailer help?

    Well I’m looking to refine my kayak trailer, my current setup is a ghetto prototype that is a little on the bulky side, and has some rolling resistance. I want to use bicycle wheels on a new setup, and it’s going to be a simple design. I’m thinking of using two bicycle rear wheels on an axle...
  2. Phranq

    Yard mustang

    Not a bike, but it’s a build. Every city block in the United States (and probably Canada too) there is a mustang parked in a yard that isn’t in use or hasn’t been started in years. Our block is no exception, and it is my yard with the mustang in it, and even worse, it was me who parked it there...
  3. Phranq

    Flora, fauna

    Seeing how bicycles are by far the best mode of transportation to get in touch with nature, and how members of this site come from all around the world, I feel like this has potential to be a really cool thread. Let’s see some cool wildlife photos!
  4. Phranq

    Anyone else like to use “odd” bikes to cover distance?

    I built a budget friendly chopper bicycle for cruising around, and found that I didn’t like the stock gears, so I swapped them out for a 52t front and a 13t rear. Much more comfortable to “cruise” at higher speeds. Lately I’ve been doing 30 plus mile rides, and I only ever see road and touring...
  5. Phranq

    New from the Pacific Northwest

    Hi everyone! It’s awesome to be here! This seems like a good place to learn a bunch of stuff, and maybe teach a few things as well. I’m “new” to biking, but rode around a bunch as a little kid. I tried to get into riding a few years back, but ended up losing my bike. I’m currently building a...
  6. Phranq

    Electra cruiser 1

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to show off my Electra cruiser chopper. 700x28c in front, 24 inch rear dropped and extended on “lift shackles. 52t chainring, 13t rear sprocket. Miserable to accelerate, but has top end for days. As a kid I had a west coast choppers bike, and I tried to recreate the feel...