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  1. dropstep

    Once again.

    This is a sad sad story. Just kidding, guy builds grown up muscle bike, sells it, misses it so he decided to try again. A few firsts on this one but I’m happy with most of it. The racks, reflectors and the tank panel are all things I’ve never put on a bike, I usually go for stripped down...
  2. dropstep

    BO15 Once again.

    I built a bike for the mbbo and sold it because I got a good offer and I miss it. Enter this build, starting with what I think is a colson (believe that’s what someone told me) a pile of grungy used parts from a local vintage bike shop and some wheels that are laying here unused. no final...
  3. dropstep

    One thread, multiple bikes!

    I like to document builds wether it’s car or bike so I’m tossing these 3 in one thread. First up is my wife’s spaceliner. It’s the mate to my men’s bike. It will be cleaned up, greased and equipped with bright green tires (wife’s a Seahawks fan so teal and green it is). I stripped it last night...
  4. dropstep


    Took a 65 murray 20 inch frame that was tossed in on a previous build and built my kids an old chopper like I blasted around riding wheelies on as a kid.
  5. dropstep


    Well I’m finally allowed to have my Christmas present! Turns out Santa wife also got me most of the parts I wanted for Christmas. Since this is my bucket list bike I won’t be waiting for a build off. Plans to tear it down tonight after the festivity’s with the kids. Lots of cleaning and...
  6. dropstep

    Skiptooth sprocket

    Came off a Cleveland welding company 24 inch bike. Comes with 4’5” of skiptooth chain. Some rough spots but doesn’t seem too bad. 40obo plus shipping Postal money order only, I don’t sell online normally so I don’t have a paypal. Just figured I’d offer this up before sending it too the...
  7. dropstep

    My random finds

    Went to get a wheel trued for a friends bike and the little bike shop had this and a huffy out back. Serial number decoder says 58 but it’s crusty and one of the cantilever bars are bent. I’ll be throwing away the 3 speed wheel set and converting it to coaster brake eventually. Apparently I...
  8. dropstep

    1949 cwc “spare parts”

    So I purchased this because it was skiptooth but it turns out I really don’t want too mess with it so all the skiptooth stuff is in the pile of maybe one day and I’m building it using crusty parts out of the parts pile. It’s a small 24 inch frame but 26 inch wheels fit! Might not be my best idea...
  9. dropstep


    Went to a fairly local vintage bike shop I recently found out existed to look around and possibly get myself a project I’m excited about since the cwc and scwhinn I currently have don’t excite me. My wife actually saw this one before me and knows I want one. It’s technically my Christmas present...
  10. dropstep

    Sturmey Archer hub

    From what I can figure out with the Facebook groups help it's a June of 74 AW hub laced too a scwhinn s5 rim. 36H. I'll never use it. I do not have PayPal so postal money order or local sale is the only way I can do it. 50 OBO plus shipping. Can separate the hub from rim for easier/cheaper...
  11. dropstep

    Deathtrap part two

    I built this late 70s allpro a few summers ago and it proceeded to flip over if you pedaled too hard. I eventually tore it apart to steal the banana seat and sissy bar for my mbbo bike. Me and @Tyler Renner have been buying alot of cheap bikes because it's that time of year so I'm going to build...
  12. dropstep

    49 cwc value

    I picked it up because it was skiptooth and that was a first for me but it's a 24 inch and really small. I may try to trade it or sell it. It's missing the headbadge, appears to be repainted and has some crusty parts .the worst problem is the front fork is bent .Just trying to get a rough value...
  13. dropstep


    Got this frame in a deal with some 26 inch stuff. Originally had no plans to use it but I need to start doing more work as part of surgery rehab. How it currently sits. the rear dropouts were butchered by someone. But it appears to be mid 60s murray the nicest original paint is the front fork...
  14. dropstep

    Scwhinn of some sort

    I normally don't buy anything scwhinn because they seem to carry a hefty pricetag but this one came with a ladies Firestone, a random 20 inch Murray frame and an early 80s huffy frame for a price I couldn't beat. It's a 58, middleweight and will likely be my next project unless I find another...
  15. dropstep

    Take two. 53 Firestone.

    Well it went a little different then planned and I suck at photos but it's done. Built using stuff laying around. Nothing too fancy what's left of the original monark sticker, I thought it was neat. Below is the worst of the damage too the original paint .all the gunk came off but so did the...
  16. dropstep

    Take two- class 1

    After back surgery wiped me out of the mbbo I figured I'd try this one. The starting point is a 1953 Firestone cruiser 99. (Monark built) How it looked when it arrived at my house for the fantastic sum of 10 dollars. A comparison shot of it next to my 47 monark klunker. How it currently sits...
  17. dropstep

    For the anti Facebook people

    finally completedfinally completed my mbbo bike post back surgery. I'm not sure I like ape hangers but I'll ride it some more and make a final call
  18. dropstep

    The funniest pick

    I posted this on the fb group but my buddy paid 20 for the pair and is keeping the murray. I tried to buy these bikes 3 months ago and the guy wouldn't budge off 250. So them showing up at a thrift store was awesome. I was also correct about the black one being a monark and not a scwhinn...
  19. dropstep

    Project bad knees. Mobo class 2

    I can no longer ride the 20 inch bike I call death trap so Ive been plotting a 26 inch banana seated wheelie bike. Tonight i took a drive and picked up a bf Goodrich badged 56 scwhinn. It's been repainted and it's missing enough parts I don't mind doing what I want with it. The guy threw in an...
  20. dropstep

    Murray maybe?

    The seller said schwinn but also claimed he didnt know anything about it. from google and the database link here i beleive its a murray of some sort? Looks like it may have had a tank or accesory mounted to the backside of the headtube. Original color is red.