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  1. jd56

    Colson rearsteer

    This has all the bones needed. $850 + shipping from Va. PP with no fees please. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  2. jd56

    1954 Columbia 3 Star

    All original. Chromed fenders should clean up. Does have a fender Light. horn, and rear taillight. The tailight is a carcass only. Original batteries were found in all three items. Horn should be functional as is the fender light. Seat with crashrail is nice. Has the hard to find original...
  3. jd56

    1936 Skylark project.

    With PayPal fees it's $610 shipped from Va. This is a 36 Elgin Skylark frame and fork (repainted), chainguard and skirts (also repainted with minor issues, please see the pictures), crank assy, seat stem, hbars stem, rear air cooled hub w/ an Elgin scripted brake arm. And added, is a front air...
  4. jd56

    1939 and 1941 Colsons

    1st is one if my prized Colsons. 1939 Flyer. was told it's all original except the rack was added. Includes the Speedo. Was listed at $1800 elsewhere on other sites. But has recently been reduced to $1650 + actual bikeflights shipping cost. Shipping from Va...23518. Payment method is PayPal...
  5. jd56


    Went for a bikes pickup today. Paid up on this pair. Both came from a PA. estate. The Schwinn is a 48. Haven't dated the DP Harris/Snyder/Rollfast yet. Here's the Harris/Snyder/Rollfast serial, perhaps someone with the tools can give me the year. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  6. jd56

    1953 Customliner

    Just don't have the time to revive this all original 1953 Huffy ballooned. I did replace the rims and added aftermarket white walls. I got this from a guy that said he got it from the original owner. Last 2 pics are as found. The first 3 pics had a mild WD40 rundown to see what was under the...
  7. jd56

    1953 Huffy Customliner

    Found this a few weeks ago. Had to replace the rims and tires. 1953 Customliner. This will soon be needing a new home. The last picture is as found. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  8. jd56

    It's all about the rescue.

    Found a few before they made it to the scrapyard. Pleased about the 53 Huffy Customliner find. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  9. jd56

    40s Westfield "Firestone Cruiser"

    This isn't a new find but, kinda forgot about So, that makes it a new find to me. Needs a lot of love but, it's just sweaty enough. Wonder how long it will be before I find the missing tank? Anyone got one? You can see in the one picture...someone took the tank off. Sent from my SM-G955U...
  10. jd56

    Another Elgin found.

    You'd think I was only looking for elgins... After finding that Falcon last week I then found this girls Deluxe 4 Star twin light. Also found another cycle truck project. (Probably gonna let this one go). It never fails, when we say we don't need another, then one or more fall in our lap...
  11. jd56

    Black Hawk or Falcon?

    Found this old thing yesterday while cruising the backroads. My uneducated Elgin guess is a Black Hawk. But, a friend mentioned it could be a Falcon because the Falcon had painted fenders and it's brother, the Black Hawk, had chromed or stainless fenders. Anyone know for sure? Black Hawk or...
  12. jd56

    Been a little slack on sharing my recent finds, over here.

    So here's a couple Elgins I found. 1939-40 girls...probably will let this one go 1938 men's..sold it before I had a chance to start on its revival Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  13. jd56

    PVC bike rack

    I have had a lot of collectors ask if I have plans for building the rack I use. No written plans but, it's fairly simple to make. This is a modified 7 bike PVC rack that I found in cyberspace. Made from 1.25" (OD) PVC pipe and connectors. I was gonna try to sell these as a kit, then as just...
  14. jd56

    Charlotte NC bike Show & Swap 2/4/17

    I don't see the invitation to this swap on here so here goes. 2/4/17 This is the 2nd annual Hurricane Coasters Charlotte NC Bike Show & Swap. Don Christie is running the show, so for those that want to see some cool bikes or even participate in the swap or show off what you got..bring it on. Oh...
  15. jd56

    Ahhh bike lights

    So I have a number of Delta fender lights, tailights and a few other accessories for sale. Email is best as my pm box fills I have these listed on numerous sites so if you're interested don't think too long on it. All are shipping included. Contact me for...
  16. jd56

    1946 Dayton Huffman

    This needs a new home. Stamped H46 (1946). Before it was revived it had 3 lawyers of repaint. The following items pictured on the bike are NOT INCLUDED. -Tank...not included -ShurSpin prop...not included -Lindy Plane...not included Added the well patina'd dropcenters and red clays. There...
  17. jd56

    Another surprise find

    As I'm sure many of you have a favorite bike shop you frequent in your area. The one I hit quite often happened to have a well patina'd wheelset in the service area (yes, I always sneak behind the counter to see what's in there). In fact it was laced to a pair of black out hubs. One was a Morrow...
  18. jd56

    1959 Columbia Fire Arrow

    This is the Deluxe model with electric horn and 2 spd kickback. Metal visored tanklight. Includes St Christopher Metal. Has a repop seat. Otherwise all original. Extremely clean battery tray! $725 shipped from Va. Email is best Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  19. jd56

    36 Hawthorne Motorbike

    Does not include the seat/rims/tires but, does include the crank and chainring. $350 shipped from Va. Email is best Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  20. jd56

    41 Elgin

    [emoji15] [emoji33] [emoji39] Wasn't looking for a new project but....would you have passed on it? Got a call yesterday from a lady that was trying to unload her 87 year old Uncle's bike, at a local bike shop. The shop owner gave her my number. She wasn't sure what she had but, had done some...