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    X53 Parts

    looking for western flyer X53 parts. Any condition considered. Tank? Chain guard? Whatever?
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    Great builds y’all!

    Hey brother! I’m good & glad to hear from you
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    Great builds y’all!

    I still have many projects to work on. Just haven’t had time to work on them. Too busy with life & stuff. . I enjoy building for my grand kids more than myself. Bikes to me are a work of art & every one of them has a story to tell. Can quite convince my wife of that though!
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    Great builds y’all!

    Wish he was still making them. They are awesome!
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    Great builds y’all!

    I think I do but not sure where. In the process of selling my old house. That’s taken up all my spare time lately.
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    Great builds y’all!

    ive been out of the loop for a couple years but y’all have inspired me! Thanks!
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    1956 X53 Custom Paint

    Awesome job! Looks great to me!
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    SOLD Shelby Shockease Front End

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    SOLD X-53 Custom

    WOW! That is SWEET!
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    MBBO 2017 Class 1 VOTING!

    I think Dragst-Her & MONSTER make a pretty cool pair! Thanks for sharing them with us! :cool2:
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    1978 Murray KING KAT

    Always wanted one of those babies! Very Kool!
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    Awesome bike as usual! It does make you look about 7' tall
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    Bikes at the Ballfield Augusta KS

    Thanks for putting up with us! It was Great!
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    Bikes at the Ballfield Augusta KS

    I got my long johns & winter coat out.
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    American Vintage Bicycle Supply's Pick

    Awesome Bro! Congrats!
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    LOVE IT! Actually both of them.
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    Firewater Flyer

    Thumbs up Amigo! I know it will be cool!
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    THE VIOLATOR (name changed, fork installed)

    He gets pretty creative sometimes!:D
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    Road Story!! Hedge Row Colson Snap Tank!

    COOL! I'll give ya $20!:D I've been looking for one of those tanks for at least 5 yrs. I like bullet holes too! Good eye Buzz!!!
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    THE VIOLATOR (name changed, fork installed)

    Awesome Bro! I love everything about it so far. I have a thing for purple choppers also!