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    What would you give? Found this and was wondering what the rat rodder value might be. I think I could do a little something with it for the right price up-front. Just not sure what that right price is.
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    Thought this might be enjoyable
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    shcwinn spoiler

    Well for some reason I woke this morning I was up at 0600. Checked a few e-mails and got on Craig's List just to see if anything caught my eye. Low and behold a Schwinn Spoiler. I know they're not everyone's cup of tea, but I really like the springer forks. Well a few texts, phone calls, and 160...
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    OCC and sissy bar ?

    Was doing a little roaming around the sight and found a thread about occ bikes and parts. Ran across several with 36"+ sissy bars. Been gathering parts for a phantom/occ build and I'm now wondering how you guys make the sissy bar work. I've done a little test fitting and with the added width of...
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    Ifound it what is it? ... 4ac2af0832 anyone know what this is? Don't think I really want it, but it is interesting.
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    new from East of Dallas

    Hello all, found the sight a last week. been thrashing to get my trike together for the show at Don Johel's. finally got to register today. lots of very cool rides in the gallery, got many ideas working now. look forward to getting to know everyone.