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  1. StevieZ59

    Henderson Schwinn girls parts bike

    This is a Henderson girls bike. The frame itself is bent and broken. Truss rod front end is straight and solid. Front fenders is fair. Rear fender has a lot of dents. Wheels are original drop centers with Bendix read hub. Train light is in OK shape. This is a great parts bike. Asking $250 plus...
  2. StevieZ59

    The Red Baron.

    Well it's all done. 1959 Rollfast Middle weight with some custome work. Front springer. Front and rear cable disk brakes. 5 speed Simplex stick shift with 5 speed rear wheel and derailer. Pretty sweet ride for just some parts laying around. I'm done with this.
  3. StevieZ59

    The Red Baron

    Ok so well first off I will say I have already cheated with this. I started this transformation about 3 weeks ago. Simple because January in upstate NY is just to .... cold to run my heat in my shop. So that all being said. I'm just in this for fun and a reason to look at this site ever 12 mins...
  4. StevieZ59

    S&H Bicycle Store year end Crap Sale

    Saturday September 30th!!! From 10 a.m to 3 p.m. S&H Bicycle store will be having the year end open house, Sell and swap your crap event. Do you have bicycles or part's you want to sell or trade? Bring it along for everyone to see. Free for anyone and everyone to set up. You never know what you...
  5. StevieZ59

    BLUESSICAL Blues Brothers Bike

    My vision of a Blues Brothers bike had been in my head for a long time. I always wanted to be a part of the Rat Rod Bikes build off. I started with a bike I found in the trash along my garbage route. After some brainstorming. Out came the bike with Dual springer fork. Dual front disc Brakes...
  6. StevieZ59

    In with the Blues Brothers.

    This is my first time doing the rat rod bikes build off. I have had my idear in my head for a long time. Figered it was time for it to come out. Have followed a lot of the build offs. Met a lot of great people from this site. Even some of you in person. There is a lot of great ideas, builds...
  7. StevieZ59

    Blues Brothers Bike. Done in jail. BLUESSICAL

    I have seen the light!!!!! Rat rod bikes build off 12, build off 12, build off 12!!!!!!. My chance to be in the rat Rod Bike build off has finally come. The vision that I have had in my head for several years will finally come out and be a reality. My blues Brothers theme Rat Rod Bike.. I am...
  8. StevieZ59

    Board tracker AKA loser lane

    This is my board tracker AKA loser lane build. This bike is made of parts from a row of bike buried deep in the old shop that we call Loser Lane. Zero dollars invested. Started with a Hawthorne lightweight frame. Used a set of 3 speed chrome wheels from a Schwinn. Good smooth tires. Shifter came...
  9. StevieZ59

    Custom Rollfast tanker 2 speed

    A custome Rollfast 2 speed. Started as a middle weight frame. Now look what it's turned into!!!!!
  10. StevieZ59

    Some Monarks

    Some Monarks
  11. StevieZ59

    Primer Columbia 5 Star

    All primer Columbia 5 Star. Still needs some love.
  12. StevieZ59

    Not loser lane. Winner lane

    I know I posted loser lane in the WBO17 thread. No this is winner lane!!!
  13. StevieZ59

    Loser lane

    I will get in on this build. It sounds fun. I will call my build loser lane. Only using bikes and parts from what you see in this pic. These are all the reject bikes from the new shop. That have got moved back into the old shop. That we now call loser lane. What to use? What to use? A light...
  14. StevieZ59

    My Whizzer wanaB... aka cob

    This is what was at one time a actual whizzer. But long story short. This is what it is now. Lots of fun to ride:banana:
  15. StevieZ59

    The Tow Truck Bike

    The tow bike. So much better now with disc brakes and freewheel rear.
  16. StevieZ59

    1920s Mead Ranger tanker

    1920s Mead Ranger came into my shop. It's got a great look
  17. StevieZ59

    1950s Huffy Rusty cruiser

    I love this rusty Huffy cruiser. Rides so smooth.
  18. StevieZ59

    3ed annual sell your crap at Hickey's

    Yes just what it reads. This is the 3ed annual sell your crap at Hickeys. Also known as S&H Bicycle store. Bring yourself and anything bicycle related. Satuerday August 13th. Rain date August 14th