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  1. Indyjps

    Favorite banana seat for 26" ?

    Wanted to get some opinions on people favorite banana seat for 26". Considered making one with the front narrow and flaring out for the actual seating position. Would be hammered over a buck, upper and lower pan, with enough arch side to side for rigidity and a rolled side lip. Ive hand...
  2. Indyjps

    Polishing Galvanized Conduit

    Been thinking of how to make a sissy bar, theyre generally hard to find that actually fit a 26" and shipping one is painful. So I have galvanized conduit and a bender and a vice. I can always cut a flat steel plug and hammer it into the end for the dropout mount and figure out a little crimp...
  3. Indyjps

    Increasing travel on Shimano Acera front derailleur

    Helping a neighbor kid get a bike going. She was gifted the bike, and doing some training for a triathalon. Chain broke and destroyed the front derailleur, had a tiagra, odd model, replacements were $40-50. I picked up a tiagra that I thought would work for $15. Well, I apparently didnt...
  4. Indyjps

    Shimano FD 4403 3x9 31.8 clamp, front derailleur, Aug 4. Helping a neighbor kid

    Looking for shimano fd-4403 front derailleur 3x9 31.8 clamp. Neighbor kid was gifted a pretty nice trek road bike, shes training for triathalon and broke a chain, and somehow mangled the cage on front derailleur. I told her and her Dad I'd throw a chain on and then saw the damaged front...
  5. Indyjps

    80's Schwinn MTN BKS his hers value, helping a neighbor, chicagoland area

    My neighbor is wanting to sell these 2 Schwinn mountain bikes, wondering whats a good starting / asking price. I cant see a model on them, he's guessing 1984-1988. Can anyone help me out on a price, if youre in Chicagoland or interested in pick up Ill put you in touch.
  6. Indyjps

    26x2.2 tires on sale - forget it. Order some of these up, on sale and free t shirt. I have this tread, different brand FIT on a 20'. 65 psi max, I run about 50 psi these are great on pavement.
  7. Indyjps

    Sealed Euro bottom bracket lube. In the frame.

    This is the first euro BB that has whipped me. Replaced several of them in really scroungy mountain bikes. This one rotated a little tight, no notchiness, but I wanted to swap it. Non drive side came off. Drive side I had the BB socket clamped in the vice with a bolt and washer on it to...
  8. Indyjps

    Specialized FSR 1999, anyone own or owned one?

    Theres a Specialized FSR for sale locally, looks like the pic appears to be 1999, blue with red decals, red manutou fork. Kinda has me intrigued. Rear shock has been changed to a strut, hopefully an upgrade. Anyone own one now or in the past, will probably take a pile of parts to get it...
  9. Indyjps

    Rock Shox Quadra rebuild CHEAP - done

    I have a 94 trek 930 with rock shox quadra 10 forks, theyre dead so its been sitting for some time. My buddys teen son was looking for a trail rider to keep at their cabin. Guess what pops up, '94 trek 930. Exact match to my bike with a bit smaller frame. It was meant to be. The rock shox...
  10. Indyjps

    Fork straightening fixture EASY

    Had to straighten a set of forks tonight, I usually shove them in the chain hooks on the side on my truck hitch receiver. These forks were too narrow. Cast iron street drain cover has horizontal slots that fit a set of forks very nicely. I wedged a scrap of carpet between the fork and the...
  11. Indyjps

    Brakes pedals pegs sprocket claim by april 21

    Cleaning out the bin, I'll never use this stuff, if anyone else can. Garbage goes out april 14. If you want any of this let me know and we'll figure out shipping. Brakes with white cable are vintage, the rest is modern. Front derauleur is falcon.
  12. Indyjps

    Leaf Spring Springer Fork, have parts, ideas welcome

    I May be able to build a spaceliner style swinger fork outta this pile. - Blue fork as the main - Swing arm as the support - Aluminum coil spring hangers as the rocker at the bottom of the fork - Find a trailer leaf spring. I really like the look of leaf spring springer forks. If anyone has...
  13. Indyjps


    My wife sent me this, had to post it up. Just for the record we never had the kid seats. Put both daughters on tricycles then striders, 16", and now both on alum frame mini and jr race bikes 6 and 8. This summer, time to learn to jump and bunny hop. :thumbsup:
  14. Indyjps

    Schwinn cruiser tire Kevlar 26 x 2.125

    I tried searching and only saw on reference. Anyone used this. How wide it it for real, does it ride well, or ride like a cheap hard tire. Thanks.
  15. Indyjps

    Orange Klunk. On Hold, Likely Out

    Ill jump in, little late to the party. Ive had this frame for a while and have avoided it due to it being mostly covered with this disgusting yellow caution tape. Heat gun, boiling water, it still just peels of in tiny flecks. Started picking at it again today and ended up just scraping it...
  16. Indyjps

    12" scooter chrome wheel and tire

    12 or 12 1/2 inch scooter wheel and tire, tube is good holds air. You get a wheel tire tube bearings and cone nuts. The axle was bent. Was 3/8 axle. If someone wants to get wild with muscle bike proportions here you go Ill have to see what size box this fits in.
  17. Indyjps

    Free Beer for cycling-go green Its in Italy, so quite a commute :21: Cool article and idea if you havent seen it.
  18. Indyjps

    44t schwinn or similar sprocket

    Trying to regear my Dads bike to get him riding more. Has a 46t schwinn middleweight sprocket now. Looking for a 44t. Could be sweetheart, lucky 7, snowflake etc. Just something that will look right on a schwinn middleweight. I can trade the 46t schwinn or a flightliner. What do you...
  19. Indyjps

    Autobike - need some help

    Picked this up for $5 tonight. Looks complete, wanna try to get it going as is, then potentially swap the drivetrain to another frame. Shhh...., could be the start of a MBBO entry, dont tell anyone ;) Issue: seems like the drive side crank arm is stripped from the sprocket. Arm turns and...
  20. Indyjps

    Goofy Scooter project - complete

    Messing around with a push scooter project, rubber 12" tires, so I can ride with my kids on razor scooters. Need an extended height stem if this is gonna be close to adult size. Looking for tubing to extend this. Im cheap, anyone think of an available bike part I can cut up? Regular fork...