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    Home page

    If you haven't checked it out lately, do yourself a favor and DO IT NOW! :comando:
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    BO15 SteamRoller - A churnin' urn of burnin' funk (MonarkSissyBarParkTool+MexicanWheelAdvice+PrewarSpringerSeatFront)

    A little background for newer members who may not have a clue about the "Gasskill" speedo reference. >
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    Welcome aboard. Another Floridian just joined.
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    .... newbie

    Welcome aboard. :cool2:
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    Fast, strong but not so beefy

    Maybe a couple of these?
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    Suggest a frame
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    Welcome aboard. :thumbsup:
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    Guitar Players: Show us yours!

    Telemaster? Jazzcaster? :grin:
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    Here we go again

    :grin: JK
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    Schwinn Hollywood 3 Wheel Bike

    Kind of funny that the kickstand is still there. :crazy:
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    Duck Norris!

    Labradors don't fetch Duck, Duck fetches Labradors. :crazy:
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    Rusty/Patina Bicycle Gallery

    Howdy stranger. :forum:
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    Sting-Rays at Wal-Mart again

    For a buck and a quarter, looks like a passable bike for a growing kid.
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    BO15 Splinter (or how I learned to love a LOT of sanding)

    There's a guy on here somewhere that has been building a wooden bike over a loooong period of time, can't remember the name just now. :39:
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    BO15 SteamRoller - A churnin' urn of burnin' funk (MonarkSissyBarParkTool+MexicanWheelAdvice+PrewarSpringerSeatFront)

    To me the existing patina-ed red and yellow really looks the part of old time road construction equipment as is.
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    Fast, strong but not so beefy

    You could find or fab some truss rods for a similar to springer look without the inherent cost/weight/alignment issues that sometimes occur.
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    Noob lookin' to build a klunker

    Welcome aboard. :forum:
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    Cheap American 10 speeds with cottered cranks.

    I don't doubt that they exist. I don't where those cranks were made, maybe they were made here, maybe not. Many "Made in USA" Huffys had Mexican Bendix, and then Shimano coaster hubs, and most USA built geared/multi bikes had Japanese or European components even while frames fenders handlebars...