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  1. toro1978

    Some thoughts on bikes left behind.

    Well I saw this today: A 50 bucks and probably more suspension seat post secured by a quick release seat post clamp.
  2. toro1978

    Unknown something that needs a name.

    It looks like it is racing even though it is standing. Like a cheetah. Or something. It deserves a nicer seat , a race seat perhaps.
  3. toro1978

    Unknown something that needs a name.

    Wow, they are all so cool. Very hard to pick one.
  4. toro1978

    BO15 RaTs GaSs ...Door panel complete! 10 !

    Try to imagine the front fender without its rear part. Only the front part from the fork to the end of the fender. Like an enduro motorbike.
  5. toro1978

    BO15 Once again.

    Well, the holes on the sissy bar are perfect for a rear-center stand. It would go nicely with the other straight lines on your bike - middle tube, bars, forks, sissy bar, rack...
  6. toro1978

    BO15 SteamRoller - A churnin' urn of burnin' funk (MonarkSissyBarParkTool+MexicanWheelAdvice+PrewarSpringerSeatFront)

    I love the new look. That speedo is perfect between the top tubes. The seat looks terrific as well!
  7. toro1978

    BO15 Skyrider AKA "The American Gentleman"

    Gregor : It would be nice to do something. Sam : We are doing something. We're sitting here, waiting. Cool lights!
  8. toro1978

    BO15 Radarlux Space-Cadet

    The face... and THOSE eyes, wide open, staring into me! Very cool, definitely one of the top contenders this sommer.
  9. toro1978


    I finally took it for a spin between rain showers. I rode for around 10 minutes, but that was enough to know if the bike was assembled properly. It is geared a little low, but gears work as they should, the brakes are OK as well. The ride is cushy as expected and will probably get a little...
  10. toro1978

    BO15 Cyrus the Virus

  11. toro1978

    BO15 Trash & Burn - Cargobike

    That kid's bike is awesome. The pedals are the highlight for sure. Sweet colors too.
  12. toro1978

    BO15 Barracuda

    I don't get it. Is the wedge in the fork so the bars would work? Then how would you use another fork, you plan on welding a wedge in there as well? Cool frame-forks-bars set. It looks pretty wide and long in the rear, I assume it would fit 26x3.0 probably and then some more.
  13. toro1978

    BO15 Carcass

    So, the bulk of the sanding is done. The legsa have to be inspected and sanded here and there a bit more. Needless to say the dropouts, the rockers and the crown will be the real treat. Also maybe the seat:
  14. toro1978

    Suggest a frame

    24x3.0 or 26x2,35 must be the biggest that fits a Felt, fabricating dropouts will be on the to do list. How about a Felt chopper then?
  15. toro1978

    BO15 Carcass

    What bothers me a little is that the whole setup is held in place by 3 m6 bolts.
  16. toro1978

    BO15 Skyrider AKA "The American Gentleman"

    Isn't it a challenge and great pleasure to combine parts for hundreds of $ with parts for almost nothing into a perfect amalgamation of metal and motion?
  17. toro1978

    Suggest a frame It would seem it is even available 289,80 Euro from Italy. It would be a first on the RRB. Actually I don't remember seeing a build outside the factory assembly. It is supposed to accept a 100mm 26" rim. (going to count four...
  18. toro1978

    BO15 Carcass

    I just had the idea to dissolve the paint with soda. :crazy:Which would probably take a while, maybe longer than sanding it. Still, internet says soda will dissolve a nail in about 4 days. :nerd: So I had this picture in my head how I sit and turn the fork in the clamp, dousing it in Coca Cola...
  19. toro1978

    BO15 Carcass

    I think this fork is powder coated. The top coat is easily scraped away, but the layer underneath is hard to remove. I have to go hard on the knife and get it to the metal. The knife is already dull which must add to the problem. In comparison the paint on the frame was the other way around -...
  20. toro1978

    Suggest a frame

    Well then how about an oldster?