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  1. Paper Puncher

    LTJ custom framesets are becoming a reality! (JIG BUILDING)

    Hmmm a Moosegoose.... have got a 84 Proclass that needs a bit of work to the frame I could amost consider a frame change but the enthusiast in me says to try and source original! My brother gave one of his other Kos's to his mate and he said he really should have given it to me.... he has...
  2. Paper Puncher

    No room in the garage.

    got them scattered in garage, in the shed and storage unit as well... but there are currently a few residing in the house at moment much to the gf's disgust but two of them are ones that she rides ;) In the back room we have the 2x MTB's and Malvern Star Skidstar and in the front room (what we...
  3. Paper Puncher

    LTJ custom framesets are becoming a reality! (JIG BUILDING)

    Yep like the 26" version a lot better @LukeTheJoker but you still may have the audience for the 20" lowrider style in Vic if only I can find myself a Kos Cruiser (my brother has three of them)!
  4. Paper Puncher

    Edgy Elgin Rat

    Not sure if that is Super, Super Cool or just Cool....!!LOL! Looks great but not sure how it would go on a bike frame due to the shape
  5. Paper Puncher

    Careful of the 'OUTLAW!' (RIDING AT LAST!)

    Cool, a bigger version of the Motomag rims..!
  6. Paper Puncher


    Cool....I love the older bikes especially the Board Trackers! A good friend of mine and avid car/bike collector is going to Mecums Motorbike Auction in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks to hopefully get a couple of bikes and bring them back to Australia. I am so envious of him to be going there...
  7. Paper Puncher

    Show me your quality spray bomb job

    Got the Mazda Soul Red made up in a can (was a three part process!). Did this bike for my 1yo niece, she should be the coolest kid on the block by the time she can ride it....
  8. Paper Puncher

    How did you come up with your AVATAR ? And Screen Name ?

    ...and did you build a custom trailer as well to bring home the catch....?
  9. Paper Puncher

    Show us.....Proudly wearing your RRB Forum shirts

    Considering there are some new awesome designs available for purchase, what about showing everyone that you actually wear them!! It can be whilst riding, building, drinking or just socialising somewhere it doesn't really matter as long as you are wearing it....... I'll kick things off as I...
  10. Paper Puncher


    Thanks Steve my t-shirt just got delivered this morning!!!! Not even 10 days to get to Melbourne from when I ordered it...woohoo. Will be wearing it at a bike show coming up where they are anticipating over 700 bikes (mainly BMX) but they have opened it up to other types now so will take a...
  11. Paper Puncher

    1969 Malvern Star Skidstar GT

    No Problems
  12. Paper Puncher

    A Pug-Nosed Tow Truck

    Cool will keep that in mind although it is a few years away yet as need to sell a couple of blocks of land first and then buy another house on a few acres with a man cave....
  13. Paper Puncher

    1969 Malvern Star Skidstar GT

    Hadn't noticed that before but looks like you could be right. Just add it to the list of things to do to it.
  14. Paper Puncher

    A Pug-Nosed Tow Truck

    Cool, I just sold my tow truck and in 6/7yrs time I would like to do something like this but have a hydraulic flat bed on back!! My problem is finding a truck similar in Australia.... Will be watching this thread
  15. Paper Puncher

    1969 Malvern Star Skidstar GT

    After looking for a while I have finally added a Malvern Star Skidstar GT to my little eclectic collection of bikes. Although it is not the best example it is certainly clean enough and I am happy for it to be mine. There are a few little things that I have to do to it such as...
  16. Paper Puncher

    Frankie Four Aces - Build Off 11, Malvern Star SkidStar

    I reckon I know where one of them ended up..... ;)
  17. Paper Puncher

    Frankie Four Aces - Build Off 11, Malvern Star SkidStar

    Well Done, cool looking bike and nice retro fit of old and new!!
  18. Paper Puncher

    MELBOURNE AUSTRALIA EVENT! 31 Jan 2016 Saintside.

    Here are a few more.... LOL!! There were plenty of others that can be found here or above mentioned sites on facebook!!