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  1. pebblewurm

    For sale, Ibis titanium quill stem

    For sale, one nice Ibis titanium quill stem. This is really nicely finished- a little paint loss on the logo but the rest is smooth shiny and light. 22.2mm stem diameter, takes 25.4mm/ 1 inch bars, 90 degree bend and 90mm reach. Add some bling to your road bike. Or your cruiser. $100.00 shipped...
  2. pebblewurm

    Chainguard ID and mounting hardware

    I need to fab up a front mount for this chainguard of unknown origin. Has anyone run into mounts like these? I'd like to see what the original hardware looked like before I kludge something together. Someone must have designed it this way for a reason...
  3. pebblewurm

    Cheap horn units

    If you want a cheap noisemaker, The Surplus Shed has these C-cell fired beauties for only $2.00 each: I have a few and they are loud and squawcky, and also work with an AA cell. Better yet, until Tuesday 6-23 they are having one of their...
  4. pebblewurm

    Space Patrol Bike

    I have some time, some tools and lot of old bike parts, and also purchased one of the renaissance mans' spaceliner tanks. That will be going on a Hiawatha Asto Flite that has been in my basement for a couple of decades. The plan is to gussy it up into a cruiser that could plausibly come off a...
  5. pebblewurm


    I had a hard time registering here- normally on boards I go by pebbleworm, but due to a hiccup here I am pebblewurm, and go by my real name at the CABE. I am more into very early bikes, but a stylish custom will always catch my eye and as a long term dumpster diver this looks like a great place...