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  1. 1dryman

    Schwinn Sting Ray??

    Hey Guys, Not very familiar with Schwinn brand bikes and looking at a Sting Ray. What are originals going for these days?
  2. 1dryman

    My 59 Schwinn tiger

    Very nice looking bike, what size thick slicks are those-
  3. 1dryman

    Layback Seat Post

  4. 1dryman

    Layback Seat Post

    Looking for a 13/16 layback seat post for my 65 Murray Jet Fire. Anybody have one- [/URL][/IMG]
  5. 1dryman

    1965 Murray Jet Fire

    Hey Guys, got this two weeks ago during Easter weekend. Its all apart now, cleaning and greasing it. Would like some input as to how big of tires I can go with. Thinking of going with 26x2.5 (sunlite revulotuions) and doing away with the fenders. What do you all think, will they fit. Any input...
  6. 1dryman

    Painting Letters on Tires

    Hey Guys, Any advice on painting letters on tires. As to what you guys are using for this purpose. I did mine with white sharpie a while back but it seems its starting to crack.
  7. 1dryman

    Phantom / Spyder

    Nice Spyder, I have one just like it. I'm sure it will clean up pretty good.
  8. 1dryman

    reconditioning tires

    Hey Guys, Wondering if anybody out there has any ideas on how I would be able to give my tires a recondition if that's possible. My rear tire is a little cracked across the thread and dried. Any suggestions? The front tire has more damage to it, its also cracked and dried but this one has a 3-4...
  9. 1dryman

    Hello from Galveston

    A lot of thanks to all the guys who replied and liked my ride. Wildcat you got what I have but a lot nicer as to the paint condition, my paint is too burnt and faded. And also you seat looks awesome. Wish mine would look like that. LukeTheJoker thanks for the advice about joining the Muscle bike...
  10. 1dryman

    Hello from Galveston

    Hello guys, I'm Rick (1dryman) from Galveston and here to show you all what I bought which I think is a 68 Sears 5-Speed Spyder. Mostly original I think, any feed back on what is not original is appreciated. I did already cleaned it and got the chain in good condition, I also took it to the...