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  1. Stonie68

    All I heard was Schwinn,Springer,Muscle Bike

    Have to love when friends pick you up a couple of bikes and give these key words and all these visions run through your head only for you to get there to pick them up and................................ 24" 1965 Schwinn and 70's Otasco BMX Not a Bad BMX to part out
  2. Stonie68

    My $60 Muscle Bike

    Found this Otasco bike on Craigslist for $60 and only a hour away, just no time to go get it, but luck on my side I had some friends heading that way to finish a job and they picked it up for me. I added the Mutley Decal and have done nothing else, the bike needs nothing being clean and a...
  3. Stonie68

    Rat Stink /Now What ??? :(

    May be a little late noticing the build going on but this is what I've been piecing together the last 2 months. Looking for a metalic green seat, grips and a few other extras planned for it, All I had to start with was a scraped frame.
  4. Stonie68

    This old Schwinn Haunts me

    This Schwinn Haunts me every time I go to Eureka Springs Arkansas, great place to eat ate but can't they use or let me give them a different bike to put up there.
  5. Stonie68

    Todays Score, What is it????

    So today me and one of my fellow ratrod bike friends Jay Hollopeter, head to OKC were I bought these two bikes, Yellow bike missing it's markings but know its a Murray maybe labeled differently at other department stores, it's a Dyna Shift 5-Speed and looks to be a pretty clean survivor. The...
  6. Stonie68

    Crazy Bike Stash find after being in storage over 40 years

    Well me and my buddies with Asphalt Apes had a great day picking a stash in a attic, been there 40 years, guy used to work on bikes and passed years ago, his wife and son asked if we would clean it all out and could have everything for cleaning it up for them. We filled 6 car and truck loads...
  7. Stonie68

    Got a Muscle bike for putting another bike together.

    Was given this Road Runner Muscle Bike with Ram horn handle bars and 4 foot sissy bar, Hanging from his shop ceiling, said he would give it to me if I could sand blast his old girls bike he wants to restore for a family member and once he's done painting it he wants me to put it back together...
  8. Stonie68

    My find for the day by a dumpster

    Had a lead about a rear bike rack like I was looking for one of my projects, was in a town 45 miles away at a Antique Store, so with no phone # I took the chance they would be open today, if not a great fathers day drive to the near by Salt Flats. Well luck was on my side and they were open, bad...
  9. Stonie68

    Little Showing in Enid OK Today

    Me and 2 of my buds had a little showing of some of our bikes today, Downtown Enid, OK across from the Car Show, we got a lot of attention, even the Rodders were saying that they got more of a kick out of the bikes than the Hot Rods them self.
  10. Stonie68

    Asphalt Apes of NW Oklahoma

    So far we are a group of Crazy Artist that love old bikes.
  11. Stonie68

    STP Bike

    Bikes still under construction but thought I'd show it off, really liking the look and now if I can just get everything to fit once I make the modifications needed.
  12. Stonie68

    Thrift Store Find Today

    Found this today at a local Thrift Store, just find a front fender, remove some decals and a little cleaning.
  13. Stonie68

    Projects in the works

    Here are a few of my projects finished and future projects. Not sure what the bare frame is, but it does have a very wide fender. Good Year Highway Patrol
  14. Stonie68

    Bikes I Picked up today, can't make them out

    Here are a few photos of two of the bikes I picked up today, just having trouble figuring out what models they are. In the 3rd photo on this hook at the rear wheel has the # 20x6 38554 I think the last digit is a 4, sadly the rear of the bike has been ran over, going to try to...
  15. Stonie68

    Hello from Oklahoma

    Hey everyone, been messing with a few old bikes lately, I have interest in about anything old from all kind of Antiques to cars and bikes. Currently working on a Good Year Hi-Way Patrol that has plenty of Patina to love, just finished building the missing fuel tank with copper and giving the...