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  1. MojoK

    Quill seatposts?

    1988 Peugeot. The post is by ATAX
  2. MojoK

    Any weird front hubs?

    The Hadleys were the best I ever used. I did have a cool set of Bontragers with built in grease ports....probably around ‘99-‘00 The White ENO eccentric single speed hub is crazy cool, but never had a reason to own one. Oops..... front hubs....go look up the White ENO’s that cool
  3. MojoK

    Specialized FSR 1999, anyone own or owned one?

    The best thing about that bike is the color.... I owned one new in '99. Not a great bike as the suspension tech. hadn't yet arrived. The bike was flexy enough to ghost shift while climbing, there's no damping adjustments and only preload for the spring adjustment. Oh...and it was super noisy...
  4. MojoK

    [Build idea] 1941 Hiawatha...... 10 Speed?

    At a glance it looks like that frame is rusted through on the drive side chain stay so look it over closely before you start spending money. It will be a super cool mod if there's enough frame left to build it. I used a Nexus 3speed on Miss Thunderbolt paired with a 70's era Shimano thumb...
  5. MojoK

    Post Your Final Thoughts

    Being forced to enjoy our freedom of self expression while conforming to a narrow definition would be dumb. "Okay everyone....from now on we're only going to build ratrod bikes this way". I think the rules are pretty spot on as they are. I do think a bike should support it's riders weight, roll...
  6. MojoK

    Black and Tan

    Thanks guys. So if I take time out to photo-shoot the bike will I be able to edit this thread and pick a different shot Sunday night? Also, how is the listing order of the voting thread determined? Just wondering.
  7. MojoK


    87? Trek 1500 with the Sante'/600 mix. I just sold it and picked up an 86 Peugeot Triathlon
  8. MojoK

    Lejeune Folding bikes

    I think the seller said he was into them for $225 and felt he needed $50 more to part with them.
  9. MojoK

    Lejeune Folding bikes

    Thanks, guys. I thought the guy was out of his head when he said what he paid for the bikes....not an entirely honest number I'm sure. I had the sense to let them go.
  10. MojoK

    Black and Tan

    Yes, the shifter is clamped to the chain stay right behind the BB … hidden for stealth. There're photos in the build journal.
  11. MojoK

    Black and Tan

    My bare bones 196? BSA 3 speed path-racer.
  12. MojoK

    Lejeune Folding bikes

    I can find almost nothing about these on the Googler. I know I'm smitten with them, but don't know where to start for a price.Thanks
  13. MojoK

    I feel like I truly belong! Mountain bike pioneer...and my friend...Charlie Kelly.
  14. MojoK

    Macro Monday! Show that zoomed-in detail shot on Monday

    Fancy bits from Shimano?
  15. MojoK

    Black and Tan B*S*A .... done !

    Beer is delicious AND it makes my head feel funny!!
  16. MojoK

    REDUCED Schwinn S7 single speed

  17. MojoK

    Black and Tan B*S*A .... done !

    If Kingfish likes it, that's almost the same thing as winning, right?
  18. MojoK

    Macro Monday! Show that zoomed-in detail shot on Monday

    I love the lock on the Gazelle.
  19. MojoK

    Shimano Sante' 7 speed RD

    A shot in the dark, I know, but I'd love to get one of these to rebuild an '87(?) Trek 1500 I've got my hands on. I'll settle for an Ultegra 600 if it's out there. Thanks
  20. MojoK

    Need some help with new fork

    Even the cheapest imported garbage bike makers get this right. These aftermarket forks are an embarrassment.