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  1. SpikeFC

    Unknown something that needs a name.

    Got this bike last year in a very horrible shape. At first I tried to identify it. My first guess was a Sturmer from the 40's... But then it came out, that only the fenders are from a ladies Sturmer... Next Guess, by the pedals, that it must be a WWII Nazi military bicycle - the...
  2. SpikeFC

    Bikes with drop bars

    Funny that you posted this, since just today I turned my uknown bike into this: Will post a build thread with this in a moment in the "BUILDS" section.
  3. SpikeFC

    Beautiful bike.

    There's a guy here in Poland... I bet he has one... or two, or at least knows what brand it is :21: The guy is a total guru when it comes to old bikes, and has tons of them (also tons of money, since he recently bought an 80's Bianchi Vento as a "daily bike"). It works in most cases like this...
  4. SpikeFC

    BO15 Barracuda

    Hm... that's kinda brilliant, like an "upside down" stem... :39:
  5. SpikeFC


    I had an idea to use very thin steel that is normally used for this style of doors: I made a tank out of this kind of steel for my electric ZZR Pionier: Super easy to work with, cause you only need metal cutting scissors, and sandpaper.
  6. SpikeFC

    BO15 Emsbroek & Poesse Ratracer (pg4, vlog update #2)

    I was going to ask if it's a holster for a Tokariev pistol (also known as TT). :21: Looks very simmilar, both in size & style.
  7. SpikeFC


    This is mine from last years MBBO. Works fine with one layer of rubber from an old tube, and 3 layers of electric tape :21:
  8. SpikeFC

    BO15 Apache Drag Bike it’s rideable !

    GREAT SCOTT!... No... That's heavy... :21: And one great idea!
  9. SpikeFC

    Cheap American 10 speeds with cottered cranks.

    Square taper was a standard in most European bicycles in the 30's
  10. SpikeFC

    Rolls Racer bikes

    I heard of the brand, and even serviced one recently but it was a ladies 5spd from the 80's.
  11. SpikeFC

    1964 Puch/Sears/J.C. Higgins bikes.

    Actually you can obtain them kinda-cheap in EU :D
  12. SpikeFC

    Beautiful bike.

    30's - 50's. French?
  13. SpikeFC

    Huffy Tundra Recruited into the Army

    aaaaaaand a rifle :cool2:
  14. SpikeFC

    BO15 American Boy aka. Twisted Sister

    Thanks! By the way, It's mounted between the spacers on the freehub body, so it only rotates when you pedal.
  15. SpikeFC

    BO15 Mudd (my name is)

    Bianchi Celeste, as bicycle purists would say :21:
  16. SpikeFC

    BO15 Carcass

    Paint stripper. It only needs about 4hrs. But doesn't work well with powder coating :confused:
  17. SpikeFC

    BO15 The coca cola Delivery

    After seeing your Monareta Tandem build I sure wan't to watch this happen!
  18. SpikeFC

    BO15 Lean Mean Green Machine

    They do make them with Canbus circut, so they run smoothly from 0V to 12V. Also You can run a normal LED with a plastic spacer between the wires. Always less power consuming than a 5W bulb.
  19. SpikeFC


    I would love to see it shift :21:
  20. SpikeFC

    Cheaper European bikes are TERRIBLE quality frames.

    Don't ever underestimate USSR technology. They don't use steel, only pure Stalinium! You could just insert a picture of a random Romet bicycle from the 70's-90's :21: They ALL had those features.