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  1. Indyjps

    BO15 Shop-rod

    Good looking build. I like your tube bender, I use the hitch receiver on my truck the same way.
  2. Indyjps

    Sealed Euro bottom bracket lube. In the frame.

    That my GHETTO ADVICE on how to revive an ailing euro BB for a while. Not the best method, but it worked. ENJOY
  3. Indyjps

    Sealed Euro bottom bracket lube. In the frame.

    Agree, during the vice/ BB socket work, I poured ATF/Acetone into the BB from the non drive side and let it soak overnight. The BB is smooth on the stand. We'll ride it for this summer. Maybe the flex, of riding will help pop the bond on the cup.
  4. Indyjps

    BO15 Camelback: 26" BMX (Scrambler XL)

    This build just keeps getting better, they ride great stripped down. STEM, Common dept store bike, Im running one from a mongoose.
  5. Indyjps

    Sealed Euro bottom bracket lube. In the frame.

    The build is for my kid, gonna ride it with "juiced" bearings and see how it feels.
  6. Indyjps

    Sealed Euro bottom bracket lube. In the frame.

    The heat actually loosened the rotation of the BB quite a bit, still no notchiness so I think the bearings are still alive. So what to do..... Used a dentist pick on the non drive side to pull the seal, no sign of rust, clean clear grease. Packed some new grease in there and reinstalled the...
  7. Indyjps

    Sealed Euro bottom bracket lube. In the frame.

    This is the first euro BB that has whipped me. Replaced several of them in really scroungy mountain bikes. This one rotated a little tight, no notchiness, but I wanted to swap it. Non drive side came off. Drive side I had the BB socket clamped in the vice with a bolt and washer on it to...
  8. Indyjps

    Possible Old school handle bars .. not sure of bike

    On second pic, the bend looks notchy. I cant tell from the pic, is the bottom of the cross bar fully welded. Both would be an indication of a lower end bar. No big deal would look great on a cruiser, just may not be something to resell or trade. Id definitely run those bars, on a current...
  9. Indyjps

    BO15 Camelback: 26" BMX (Scrambler XL)

    What is that a Sugino spider and some Primo Pedals. What am I talking got this.
  10. Indyjps

    BO15 Camelback: 26" BMX (Scrambler XL)

    Im liking this one. The forks make all the difference. Good call on the bars the first set was pretty narrow. The silver stem is mongoose or similar dept store type, Im running one until a better option comes up. Looking good. Ideas to kick this up a notch and farther into bmx...
  11. Indyjps

    BO15 RaTs GaSs ... Spectra-flame ON ! 12 !

    Cant wait to see that paint. Mock up os looking good.
  12. Indyjps

    Copper plating

    Well Hello. The copper plating I did was using source copper that was likely not pure. The caswell kits are pricy but deliver good results with proven chemicals and process and most important good instructions. I was having fun in my thread, but it didnt produce a show quality finish.
  13. Indyjps

    To much-spraypaint-wbo

    I like the build, good job bringing it back. Whats your sprocket tooth count on front and rear, looks like maybe a 36 on front and 16 rear, going to be very "spinny" even for a kid.
  14. Indyjps

    Specialized FSR 1999, anyone own or owned one?

    Not so worried about a flip. Never had a full suspension, wanna try one out, if these ride great I may give it a shot. So can this hold its own today, still a good ride, Im not trying to compare it to whats on the market today. I trail rode on motorcycle trails on full rigids in the late...
  15. Indyjps

    Leaf Spring Springer Fork, have parts, ideas welcome

    Bumping this up, havent spent any time on it, but happened to see this at museum of science and industry in Chicago.
  16. Indyjps

    Specialized FSR 1999, anyone own or owned one?

    Theres a Specialized FSR for sale locally, looks like the pic appears to be 1999, blue with red decals, red manutou fork. Kinda has me intrigued. Rear shock has been changed to a strut, hopefully an upgrade. Anyone own one now or in the past, will probably take a pile of parts to get it...
  17. Indyjps

    '73 Ross Apollo

    Wow that came out great, nice complete bike to start with. Even saved the seat. I got the oxalic acid info from bmx museum and love it. Citric acid is supposed to work the same. I do have citric on hand from learning how to make cheese last winter. Need to test it. Another trick ive been...
  18. Indyjps

    Rock Shox Quadra rebuild CHEAP - done

    Got a chance to finish this up today and ride. New PUR rod at 6 1/4 feels great. Took that inch or so of deadness out of the top of travel that rock shox get. Ill likely go 6 1/2 on mine for a little more stiffness. The bike itself is great, looks like all original parts, everything...
  19. Indyjps

    Murray JetCruiser

    Die cut machine, very cool. Ive been messing around with decals on laserjet. Theyre - OK. Diecut stencils are much nicer.