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  1. jerrykr

    I Need A Decent Work Stand

    I have this one. But I have a very stable work bench. Pro - no legs to trip over. It's a Park. Easy to sell if you change Hobbies. Very stable, if you...
  2. jerrykr

    TOOL FIXES! Bike specific or otherwise.

    Next time you need to break a chain on a deraileur equipped bike, or especially when you want to put it back together, bend an old spoke like this to hold the chain while you fumble with the ends and the tool.
  3. jerrykr

    Multi to Single Speed

    A single speed 1/8 chain will help, as it's not designed to be as "flexible" side to side as a multi-speed chain.
  4. jerrykr

    BIKE FLIPPERS, what's your opinion?

    So True! It's worth exactly what you paid for it..... until you find someone who will pay more.
  5. jerrykr

    BIKE FLIPPERS, what's your opinion?

    Opps.... forgot to add one thing. Since the TV shows like Pickers and Pawn Stars.... everyone wants to deal on the price, so always price a little bit higher than what you actually want to get. You can then "deal" on the price. It makes the buyer feel good, and there's nothing like a happy buyer.
  6. jerrykr

    BIKE FLIPPERS, what's your opinion?

    Well, I hope to fit this description. I basically do only garage sales, usually finding box store bikes that they don't want. I like to pay $20 or less, or in the rare instance it's a TREK or name brand, I will pop for more. I don't buy off CL, as sellers all want to get as much as I would...
  7. jerrykr

    Latest Ride Video - Slow Spokes DFW

    We missed you Steve - It wasn't THAT Cold! Ha!
  8. jerrykr

    First Ride in 50+ years: Wrapping it up

    Awesome as always. Keep having that fun!
  9. jerrykr

    This looks like a mighty cool ride

    Rat Rod - get one and review it.....
  10. jerrykr

    how to remove a locktited crank nut?

    I was going to say heat gun/hot air. You might also try one of those Weller Soldering Guns. You may be surprised how hot direct contact with the metal can get. Good with this.
  11. jerrykr

    Touring tire recommendations

    bicycle808 - I totally agree about using powder on tubes. It makes everything easier to install them, and line up the valve stem. I'm sure that you have removed many tubes that were stuck inside the tire. That can't be good. If you read the install instructions on the tube box, it usually...
  12. jerrykr

    Touring tire recommendations

    Just a hint that might help mounting tires. The auto tire shops lube the tires with soap. I had a time getting my 4 inch fat tires on the rims. A quick spray of wd-40 and they almost jumped on.
  13. jerrykr

    Need Coaster Brake Advice

    This is on a Chinese Schwinn that I bought to flip. Nice looking bike, but I have to get it quiet to sell it. Thanks for the information. I'll take it back apart. I'll save this for 2nd try if the cone is not scored. I notice the inside of the hub seemed to to be scored where the brake...
  14. jerrykr

    Touring tire recommendations

    I would not want to face changing a Continental out on the trail. Great tires, but tight as all get out. I know this does not address your question, but for the type of riding that you describe, if you ever rode a hybred with some nice gears and 700 38s you would never want to go back to 26s...
  15. jerrykr

    Need Coaster Brake Advice

    Need advice. I have a cruiser with a Falcon FC-E10 (sez so on the brake arm) coaster brake. It works well, problem is it "growls" when coasting. Sounds like a fender brace is rubbing the tire. If you press back just a hair like you are going to apply the brake it quiets down. The brake works...
  16. jerrykr

    Stuck spindle in a bottom bracket

    I am a proponent of clamping the tool against the BB to keep it from slipping just as you are. That's the only way I got one out that was stuck. Impact wrench didn't work for me either. HOWEVER: I think you are going over-board with the vice. If you tightened it as much as you say you did...
  17. jerrykr

    Stuck spindle in a bottom bracket

    Wow, that is a problem. Can you find a piece of pipe or strong tubing that would just fit inside the large metal ring. Have someone weld it to the ring, and get on it with a pipe wrench?? I think I would avoid messing up the threads only as a last resort. The Park BB surfacing and threading...
  18. jerrykr

    The last dance for a while.

    Find someone with a desire for one of your bikes, and commission a build to their specs. Most people who decide to pour money into a bike, car, boat, etc. want to build it themselves, either actually, or by having the work done. I see you getting upside down fast due to individual taste. Like...
  19. jerrykr

    Cantilever tube squeak?!

    wait until it starts creaking again, and lube one weld at a time.
  20. jerrykr


    I think Datsun made a big mistake when they ended the Independent Rear Suspension in the 510. '73 was the last year. ISR was what set Datsun apart from all the other econo-boxes. We pretty much had to wait for the Miata MX5 NA in '90 to get another cheap, easy to work on, great handling car.