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  1. Retro Rat Rog

    leaping gazelle

    Here is my entry for the photo contest. Nice fall sunset with the bike looking at the tops of the trees from a stream below :) . I finished this bike not too long ago. Has some cool automotive trim and an awsome "handle" from a 1920's ash tray that I am pretty sure is a Grants Gazelle.
  2. Retro Rat Rog

    Chicks need love too

    Here is the finished bike :P
  3. Retro Rat Rog

    $5 find X 2

    I bought this awsome frame for $5, I love it since it has a straight tube on the lower front - perfect for motorizing. I don't know what kind it is though - any ideas? Check out the split to the rear BEFORE the seat tube. :?: I haven't seen a fender bracket like this before either. The...
  4. Retro Rat Rog

    Schwinn Excelsior X tribute bike

    I have been working on this bike for a while. I have had it running and currently I am please with it. The plan is to repaint it, add white tires, put a rear fender gas tank on and build a fake tank up front to hold the boost bottles. I do hate the current tank, but finding a good tank for the...
  5. Retro Rat Rog

    CHICKS NEED LOVE TOO - Finished!!!

    Yes, I am building a girls bike, and this is the first one for me. I had a couple frames for parts and asked my wife if she wanted a bike. I figured if I was going to do one this would be a good one to do. Not sure how smart it is to use it as my build off bike, but hey, why do what everyone...