1. 3

    Wanted, dead or alive. Trek Rail one CNC

    looking for a Trek Rail one CNC, 2005 issue, I know they aren't common but someone must have one collecting dust, lol.
  2. DeuceWheeler

    Trek Calypso Cruiser

    I just picked this up for $12 at an auction. The frame seems like a good candidate for a 26'' cruiser BMX.
  3. D

    My Adult-sized Stingray

    My daughter grew out of her mountain bike, so I turned it into a Stingray using seat and handlebar parts from a modern (and cheap) Chinese Schwinn stingray. I wanted to get the proportions, look, and feel close to a 1970s Schwinn Stingray fastback but full-sized for me to ride and using modern...