1936 Colson 18.5" straight bar model 04066 code "Backing"

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    Oct 5, 2015
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    One of a few frames recently sent to sandblast. The frame only had original dark red paint on the insides of the holes, and has nice enough braze repairs, and evidence of grinding the top tube to make a wrong tank fit.
    1936 Colson 1 Received.jpg
    Sandblasting revealed a 1936 serial number.
    1936 Colson 2 sandblasted.jpg
    I tried to be neat about it and applied Rust-Oleum Rusty-Metal primer, red primer, and Cherry Red, all in the same day, with the recommended 1 hour waits in-between coats.
    1936 Colson 3 cherry red.jpg
    I have put this one on hooks out of the way, hanging for a few weeks to allow the paint to cure, before fine sanding and applying a last finish coat, (as I can still see some of the pitted areas). Have to gather up and prep the other parts too. May decide to use a BMX sprocket with this one.
    1936 Colson Catalog p3.png Sprocket 46T black anod 1.jpg Sprocket 43T Alum. anod 1.jpg
    Also, learned that I should wear a ball cap or painter's hat while spray painting under slightly breezy conditions.
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