20 inch rats (or customs) ~~~ Lets see em!

Sep 27, 2007
sac. valley
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Re: 20 inch rats ~~~ Lets see em!

pick said:
It's always more fun to build one for someone else ain't it?
yeah that when i do my best(helps that its for my boy so yeah! you know what im mean though since yours was for you grandson!)
aka_locojoe: always liked those(partial to the mag scrambler) :mrgreen:
thatismytruck: first picture is great(well all are but i really like the first!)
the rest are great as well(sorry didnt want to keep clicking back and forth to get all the names/bikes since it didnt seem like that many until started typing :oops: )
nice looking bikes and i know there are alot more! dont be shy!
Feb 9, 2011
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Here's the 66 Wildcat I built for my boy, he's 4 and still isn't quite big enough to ride it yet, I also have pics with bmx bars on it. Came out real nice, he loves it.

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Haha, you guys! Peatbog's picture is probably an industry track, not used much. And the second is obviously not going anywhere. The original picture was on nice well used shiny rail. ;-)

Seriously, I've seen a lot of people out taking pictures on the main line. And I've seen a lot of people not make it out of the way in time. I had an incident last Sunday in fact, took forever for the coroner to show up. Nice pictures, but I hate to encourage people to mill around the tracks. Geez I sound like an old man...
Jul 2, 2010
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19?? AMC GTO I rebuilt for my nephew

freshly rebuilt

new apes, sissy bar, and stem

new wheels

new fork

cut the spring in half to lower and kick it out the fork a little
Jan 21, 2011
Benton, KS
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Springman74 said:
"Dad. How come none of the other kids at school have a bike like mine?"
Answer: Son, we just do things a little differently in this family! (sounds a little better than: They are just a bunch of wierdos!) :lol: :lol: :mrgreen: Love the rat trap springer!