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Well, once again, my very humble submission. Berkshire.

This is a 20s Westfield-built Berkshire-badged camelback. The bike was built 40 miles from here in the nearly defunct Westfield (Columbia) factory, and sold in New York City. It features it's original patina, saved as best as I could, new imported Austrian 700c rims, black with a tasteful little gold pinstripe, laced to near new New Departure hubs (built 20 miles from here in Bristol, CT), shod with 700x38c tires. The seat is new, the type I usually use for my builds, the light is a Radsonne. The bell was also manufactured 20 miles from here in East Hampton, CT. The ball end grips are my own creation, designed by me, and the injection mold was machined in RI. The grips will be in production any day. Oh ya, the Lucas odometer is new old stock.

This frame appealed to me because I wanted to build a skinny tire bike, and because I like the name. I spend a lot of time climbing and snow shoeing in the Berkshires in the winter. I purchased the frame here on RRB.

Here are some pictures for now. I will edit them later this week, once I decide which ones have best lighting.

Thanks to all who chimed in on my build thread and offered support and advice.

Good luck to all. You are a talented bunch, and though I don't think I belong here, I enter because the deadline keeps me moving and completing bikes.

IMG_9727 by ijt64, on Flickr

IMG_3324 by ijt64, on Flickr

IMG_3330 by ijt64, on Flickr

IMG_9710 by ijt64, on Flickr

IMG_9709 by ijt64, on Flickr

IMG_3316 by ijt64, on Flickr

IMG_3317 by ijt64, on Flickr

IMG_3318 by ijt64, on Flickr

IMG_3315 by ijt64, on Flickr

IMG_3314 by ijt64, on Flickr

IMG_3312 by ijt64, on Flickr

IMG_3303 by ijt64, on Flickr
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reserved for a video my wife is making.
Thanks all. I appreciate it. It's humble compared to our amazing fabricators here, is what I mean. I'll never compare to them. But it's fun being in the BO regardless.

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Nov 18, 2007
I agree, you DON'T belong here!.....But until a better forum comes along, you'll have to settle for this one.
NICE build, Ian!
Jun 17, 2011
Peter built from MA, love your bike good luck.
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Thanks fellas

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Feb 25, 2009
Very nice, Ian! Clean and classy! Best patina of the build off!
Sweet build.. the new grips look pretty nice!! I hope I have some bike building money soon so I can order some when you get them in production...

The bike looks like it was built back then and kept up well throughout the years, no features stick out like a sore thumb, it all works well together!
Rg, let me know what night is trash night at your house, haha.

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