Bikes So Old They Don't Roll No Mo'

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So I know many of you rat rodders are always looking for cool ways to make old bikes rideable again, making them your own and awesome while you're at it.

So I'm into it and I'm going to try and start posting gear for sale that I think can help you guys out as I come across a lot of ratty stuff on my 1890's - 1910's bikes that doesn't belong.

That said, I'm into staging my bikes in original condition with original wood wheels, rock hard original single tube tires, funky shreds of saddle, grip etc etc etc. Stuff that often times ends up getting cast aside, that's the stuff I'm into.

I just wanted to set up this PSA for McCauley Cycle Works
I can be reached here, the CABE, FB, IG, or in real ... life

For example of a bike I've rehabb'd - This is a ca. 1895 ladies Pacemaker out of Iowa- stone cold original as you would have seen it ca. 1895 including period saddle, tires, grips, bell, lamp - all it is missing is the skirt lacing which I will do, but .... it is frustrating.

Thank you!