RRBBO13 Black Cat 13 - Rides

I'm in, if only so I feel justified wearing a build off shirt! (dang that's a cool design!)

This was the logo of my flight school, probably still is. Seems to fit this year's theme. :cool2:
Spartan Black Cat.jpg

As I have only finished one of the three build offs I've started, and that bike was wrapped up early just so I could say I finished, I'll need all my knowledge and skill to make it this time, though I wouldn't mind some luck, too! :happy: I have the weekends off this month, and two weeks vacation in June, so I'll try to front load the work.

For parts, I just pulled the trigger on these skirt guards:

... so that's the direction I'm heading. Plenty of donor bits in the garage, time to use some of them up!
Oh, and it will be a recumbent.
A Rat Rod Recumbent.
That works, right?
This is the bike I built a couple of summers ago. I had delusions of grandeur, didn't get all the style I had hoped for, but I scratch built a frame from proper butted tubing.


Funny how it's so much easier to disassemble a bike than it is to assemble it. Stripped her down in no time.


She rode well enough, though there was always a lil' sumpin' not perfect.
Well, then I got to where riding upright bikes just wasn't very pleasurable anymore, back surgery and all, so she sacrificed herself for this build.

Some grinder work later and the rear triangle is ready to be re-integrated into a bike. Without the rack-thing I'll be able to run fenders to go with the skirt guards.
Apr 14, 2015
Right on looks like plenty of work ahead

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Been on the road a few days, but had enough time for some mid-week minor mock-up: (and a little aliteration! :happy:)

This is the best fit for the skirtguard, but...

I fogot about the asymetry with the other side due to the chainguard. I’m not totally turned off with leaving it there, or modding it. However, just pulling the chainguard off makes the skirt guards uneven on the trailing edge.

I would have to mod them a lot to fit them in this frame rotated forward onto the chainstay.

Any skirtguard gurus, or anyone for that matter, have ideas?
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Interesting. Why not remove the guard, then fill in the space between the skirt edge and the seatstay with some other metal.
The most likely option at this point. I’ll keep exploring options.

Or remove the guard. Rotate the right guard until the edge aligns with the seatstay. Then rotate the left guard so that the curved rear edge aligns with the same edge on the right.
I like the idea, but not sure it would work well with the seatstay as wide as it is. Still playing/thinking.
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P.S. I’m not ruling out radical frame mods / re-orientation for style points... er... functionality.

Really, the actual seat stays would work better if the ‘dropout to verticle tube” seat stays were bent down to attach lower on the seat tube. If that all makes sense, since the seat stays and seat tube are kinda misnomers, or at least confusing terms, on recumbents.
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Ha ha! I removed a rack from the donor. Didn’t work with fat fenders. Not really planning on packing heat with this bike either, but you never know! Wing mounted .50s and a gatling cannon in the nose, tiger shark teeth decal on the boom behind the cranks...
If only there were time.
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Mar 26, 2017
I vote replace the chainguard with a scabbard for a 12ga mossberg shockwave.


If you’re planning on lowering the frame’s stays, make the stays for your overwheel cargo rack asymmetrical. See what I did there, i made you make a rack you didnt say you were making.
Me likes the scabbard idea!