(BO-X) RAMCHARGERS Drag Bike (Finished, last detailed pictures)

Apr 14, 2015
Great looking & total one of a kind muscle bike . Really like that double brake & shifter . Nice work !!!!!!!

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Mar 26, 2012
Fairless Hills, PA
How can it be a Ramcharger without a wheelie photo!!!!?????
Incredible work!!!! This one has been a blast to follow.
Amazing attention to detail!
Perhaps I could manage a wheelie... so, looking around the shop this morning looking at the boxes of parts I've already packed for the move I spied a familure box with the words "wheelie bar wheels & hardware". Well I opened it up took out the parts and commenced to cutting and drilling.
I've seen the wheelie bar kit retail for about $150. My cost was $24! The extra sissy bars came on other bikes I had replaced seats or bars on. The axle for the wheels was a front 5/16" axle from a bad rim. Not I guess you could tack on about $50 more on to that because I broke my vise on my last turn to crimp the lower bar.