Chicks need love too

Jan 2, 2012
Anyone up for a picnic?...This bike takes you back,way back to the 50's,cycling on a country shaded tree road,meadows on either side...Delux model...Well done. :wink:
Oct 21, 2009
Pittsburgh PA
Peatbog said:
That is what I call one sweet ride. The color combination with the white accessories, and adding in the baskets and the swan fender ornament make it look like something a rich person would own 50 years ago. That bike is sharp.
I'd have to say , that sums up everything I was thinking when I saw it :!:
Dec 22, 2011
Dayton, Ohio
One of the coolest paint schemes I have seen and I love to see girl's bike being used in the buildoff. You did a great job on the bike. The swan is a nice touch....Congrats on getting it done and posted!
May 3, 2012
I've always passed up girls bikes, or bought them as parts bike, but I have two more I'll be getting this weekend, so I'll build another and see if it sells. My wife has had so many of her gal friends coment on it that I wonder if their isn't an untapped market for girls bikes - getting the magical blend of good ride, good looks, and old school flavor. Normally they don't sell, but the time may have come. :D

This one cost a small fortune though. :shock:

Thanks for all the kind words. :mrgreen:
Feb 20, 2012
raggedjim said:
bighit said:
I dont know too many ladies that wouldn't rock that bike.

The swan is killer.
Ladies? I would ride the tires off this bike! I don't need no stinkin' bar!

Great bike, Rg
I'm with raggedjim, I could definitely rock this ride anywhere!!
Verrry nice bike!!
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