Nov 10, 2006
I figured since nobody wants this I'll make it into a rat trike, besides I'm bored anyway. This is the way I found her, no
bars and a 'nana seat.
Nov 10, 2006

I decided to do a
stake bed out of
an old bed frame=free!!
I plan to lace 'em up
with 20"s in the rear
and a 24" up front
Got the fork from a Varsity....
I know I cut the seat tube so I
guess that disqualifies me,
but I'll still post (IT HAD TO BE DONE)
Although I thought about welding some
18" wheelbarrows on the solid axle
they look like a miniature '50s
Ford truck rim & tire...and I have
2 funky '60s lamp caps that are
chrome domes that will fit inside the rim.
I also have 2 rear generator lights
to go on the middle horizontal
board on the bed towards the rear.
I love the Diff on this thing,
it's very unique.
Sep 27, 2006
Upstate NY
I love what you have done so far. That rear "box" is well proportioned and is any idea I have always shared for a trike.

The rear diff on that seems pretty unique. Can't wait to see more on this build.

\m/ \m/
I too have been waiting to see this one progress..
I love the rear box!!
it's lookin great and the
rear wheel Ideas sound awesome!

No,my friend,I vote no on the disqualification
for cuttin the seat tube.
I was given permission to cut mine down
so should be you...
I love this entry and I can't wait to see it grow,

Sep 21, 2006
I agree cutting down the seat tube is no big deal.
In my mind the goal was to try to keep an even playing field amongst competitors so those without welders and well equipped shops could compete. Most anyone has access to a hacksaw.

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Dec 31, 1969
Honestfrank said:
Beware !! Y'all have a Thief lerking on this Forum. If you like to buy Bicycle Parts Beware !He will keep your Money and keep the parts to. Contact me and I'll give you his Name and E Mail . Stay Safe. Fran
Thanks Frank,

I've kept up with the posts on the Schwinn forum also.

Maybe Jaguaray can give reasoning why he's not sending parts. :?:
Nov 30, 2006
sacramento, ca
cool project there but i too want to know what is the deal with these parts not getting sent. this is a good group of honest hard working guys (and galls now :lol: ) and if it is the case that you are doing some wrong doing you shall be delt with in the rat way. not sure what that is just yet but we are a creative group of fellows. gezzz what is it with the drama around here lately?