DB Silver Streak

Sep 13, 2006
southern PA
Got my decals in the mail. They look great; Delcals in the UK does amazing work. Spent a couple days agonizing about putting them on because I didn't want to mess them up. Finally got around to doing them... and walked away for a few more days because the down tube decal isn't perfectly straight and I was annoyed at myself. It's been over a week and I got over it. Still love this bike.


Jul 1, 2014
Las Vegas Area
Looks almost like one of my good friends DB from back in the day. I had a cromo mag predator, John had the Diamondback and Dwaine had a Mongoose. And we all wanted a Redline...

Great looking Ride
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Jul 25, 2016
Chicago - far west burbs
Great build, you really scored on that one with a nice collection of parts.

The brakes look to be random brand, cant tell. Disassemble amd clean them up make sure theres no binding or worn parts in the pivot.
Brake pads - scuff them off woth a file to get fresh material to the surface. Set your pads as close to the rim as possible without rub, you want the backside of the pad as it passes thru the wheel to hit first and be sure the face of the pad is lined up square to the rim. New cable will help too, a lot is just adjusting.
Make sure the release evenly, may need to bend the spring out to get some tension back in it, one or both sides.
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