Extended Cruise - Added to Finished Build Thread

Jan 15, 2016
Iam blown away by this build , such nice fabrication and finish :41::inlove:

did you get the seat in you 3d drawing from the warehouse? looks like mine :) if yes ,glad its been used for good means like this :thumbsup:
Thank you very much!

Haha, yup pulled the seat down from the warehouse. I think I used the spoked wheels from the same model? Thanks for uploading those. Made creating the rough 3Ds much easier and let me put most of my focus on the overall design.
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Jan 15, 2016
Love the tight fit between the fender and tire!

I found reference somewhere online that showed pinching the sides of a motorcycle fender closer together to increase fender radius, and match tire diameter. Had an old thin tire 26" front fender that I was able to get to fit the 27" tire. Still a little bit of a bulge near the chain but not too bad.

Aug 9, 2012
Sunny SC coast
Here's a couple drawings and rough 3D model images showing where I'm headed. I'm kinda best guessing the seat-crank-handlebar positions. There will probably be adjustments along the way. I also plan to smooth and paint it too... if time allows!

Figuring out how the donor frame will be chopped and reassembled.

View attachment 42845

Side view dimensioned to establish seat-crank-bar approximate locations and head tube angle.

View attachment 42844

A couple rough 3D model images to get an overall feel.

View attachment 42847

View attachment 42848


The detail on the whole thing is amazing
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May 6, 2016
The showroom quality on this bike is stunning!
It was my favorite before the paint and polish even went on...What can I say now?
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