Faux Pedersen Ortho

Nov 22, 2011
This bike turned out great, keep getting those tires dirty.
Thanks for your support! Lots of ice melt residue on streets around here. So ride time limited to neighborhood streets so far. It does ride well, decided against doing a 3 speed hub.
Nov 22, 2011
This Build is sorta dead in the water for now...and it’s icy cold here at present so I worked out a parts list.

Faux Pedersen Ortho Part List:
1. Virtue Ortho Frameset with bottom bracket and bearing caps, shipping damaged. Origin8 mountain bike fork.
2. Fork Extension - Home Depot and Ace Hardware: 5/8” threaded rod, nuts, washers, connectors, set screws, sleeves, thread Locktite,
3. Truss and Tension Rods - Home Depot and Ace Hardware: galvanized angle brackets, 5/16” CRS rod stock, 5/16” U-bolts and eye bolts, nuts, washers, connectors and Simpson structural T-bracket.
4. Recycled 1” seatpost section used with fork assembly.
5. Metropolis bars, 1” oversized Viking stem, 1” Sunlite threadless headset, Ergon Slim grips.
6. Prowheel 46T square taper crankset, Origin8 BMX pedals.
7. Tektro 319A linear pull brake levers, Tektro 930AL V-brakes.
8. Jagwire brake cables and housing.
9. Rideable Bicycle Replica hairpin saddle and Origin8 layback seatpost and clamp. Old recycled leather ranger belt.
10. Jim Blackburn tubular rear rack with Sunlite extensions and an antique store large jeweled reflector.
11. Bell cruiser bicycle chain.
12. Wald Kickstand.
13. AXA vintage style LED head light. Blue reflectors from @sdframe.
14. 26” HBBC single speed coaster wheel set.
15. Continental Retro Ride 26”x2.0” brown tires, Goodyear HD tubes, .45 cal casing caps.
16. VOODOO headbadge.

The parts and components used in this Build are a mix of used, new, recycled parts. Some were purchased, some were gifted, some were modified/fabricated and some came from my parts stash.
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Jan 2, 2017
Cottam, Ontario, Canada
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Sep 14, 2013
Bradley Illinoiz
That’s cool. I had read that Pedersen had made tandem bikes. Wonder if this a custom build that someone else did. Thanks for posting!
The original design was based on bridge trusses so maybe it was a prototype.

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If you ever go to Facebook, check out Freakbikes. There's pics of a motored Pedersen there too!

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Nov 22, 2011
Warmed up some here and 60mph wind gusts subsided today. So I got out my bike stand and the faux bike, changed out the rear cog to a 23T. I relocated the borrowed VOODOO headbadge. Adjusted everything and took a shakedown cruise, first time on a bike in around 13 days. I took a few detail shots, still need to determine final photo area. (Photo Heavy)