Firetruck Bike

Ok, take 2! I realised today that I've had this thing lying around the backyard for a year now. It is a 1970 something CCM tandem bike that I wanted to turn into a truck bike kinda thing until I realised that a trailer was much more practical. So, as an ex-firefighter, I think that a Fire Truck themed bike would be appropriate. The frame was already cut to remove the second seating position over a year ago, so I hope this is not an issue for it to qualify. I plan on putting as many functionnal stuff on it as I can. Maybe even a working water pump, albeit a small one. Yes it's going to be red. Red is the ONLY color for real firetrucks. :mrgreen: I just hope I can make the deadline :|

So I spent the first money for this project yesterday. Corostop rust paint and some steel bars for building the rear rack, total about $12. So today, I started with dismantling and painting the frame. A proper fire engine red!

Pulling the plug!

After thinking it over for a week, I made my mind and I'm pulling the plug on this project. I've had the feeling of going against the flow since the beginning and when I do that, it comes out real crappy. Besides, even finished I would not have ridden this thing, it would have gathered vegetation in the backyard after the final photo shoot. I understand that the build off bike must be ridden and that would have been against the rule and would bring bad karma. So I'm putting this frame back in the rafters and using the parts for other projects. My Black frak Chopper is coming along real nice, I'm going to ride the tires off of it and it suddenly qualifies for the Canadian Chopper Build-Off on choppernet.

Even if I don't have a snowball's chance to win there, I can at least claim that it was in a build off. :D

So ratrod, if you could kindly delete this thread when it is convenient for you, i would appreciate it. As for the rest of you, amazing bikes by all, I will enjoy the rest of this build off from the sidelines.

Sep 7, 2006
well atleast I know if my bike is to hot when its done your firetruck wont be puttin it out :p
but seriously I thought it was a killer idea and hope you follow thru someday
Sep 21, 2006
Well the build off bike has to be ridable but not necessarily ridden if that makes sense. I'll probably tear mine down after the contest is over.
I can understand if your heart's just not in it though.

ricksterr1221 said:
....! IDEA! Goto buy some spinners lol apes, a buck of low rider parts. Make it a ghetto cruiser .... :) :D :lol:
Hey have poated a nice collection of bikes..
I look forward to seeing your work and designs YOUR bikes.
you have quite a few.
It's a lot harder ,and more rewarding ,than designing other peoples! of Luck once again on The Chopper!

If i had some Dam money i would, i got a notebook in my drawer with drawings inside and designs man i Wish i could do my own stuff, i dont have all the right tools though i need a cutting wheel and a welder i got other shizz.. I got somany ideas lol.. I stick with legos tell summer.. then i play with bikes again haha.