Highcycle *stick a fork in it!*

I present to for your approval and viewing pleasure the Highcycle. What was once a modest Mongoose Beast , now transformed into a bicycle of epic heights. Standing about 9' tall with a wheel base of about 6' it will cruise down the street about as unnoticed as a Macy's day one man parade.

Custom copper license plate,the limits of my self promotion know no bounds!

No expense was spared so that my seat will not forget my butt! Color coordinated grips.

Copper bar ends, as if this thing will ever get laid over on its side.

Continuing the copper motief with license plate seamlessly edited out. ( never know where stalkers may lurk)

Color matched bearing cups.

It took 4 days to find the free time but I finally got the seat clamp on.

Last but not least a short video on how to mount and dismount this fat wheels monstrosity lol.
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kingfish254 said:
One of the cleaner tall bike builds I have seen. Most just look like two or three stacked bikes.
Are you giving us the bird in this photo???? :p
Naw king just editing out the plate number in case I have any Ex's on here lurking , plotting and planning my demise lol.
outskirtscustoms said:
Sweet bike! How's it ride? I bet it's like a 2 story army tank. What's it weigh?
It rides really smooth, it's turning radius reminiscent of a big rig but other than that is awesome. I kept the stock gear ratio which turns out to be rather low but is fine, as standing up for more torque isn't the most prudent option with this ride. I'll weigh it tomorrow, I'm guessing in the neighborhood of 65lbs.
Apr 19, 2012
Whangarei,New Zealand
Bro thats a mean as tall bike,Im not a fan of them but this has got to be the best tall bike I have seen,because it is clean and there isnt heaps of tubes every where,I would ride this,primo
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