late entry...

It's probably too late, but here is a bike I've been working on for a kid at work. I showed some pics of some rat bikes and he saw one of Randy's (locojoe) and said I want one like THAT. He does stained glass, so we traded a piece for a bike.

I got two no-name cruisers from our HOA's annual dumpster day. I was hoping to find a couple of bmx bikes for parts (inwardly praying for a cruiser) and this dude showed up with two of these in the back of his truck

One of them has a tweaked fork, so I guess I'm going to HAVE to put a springer on it.

Here is photo of Sean's bike (and my messy basement) sans a new chain and some finishing touches.

I'm stealing MarkM's idea for skull tassells as Sean is into skulls and that kinda stuff.

thanks guys for the inspiration and ideas for different things to do.

jeff :lol: